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Violence Against Children During A Pandemic

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Pandemic conditions that do not have a bright spot not only have an impact on the health condition of children. But it also affects the psychological condition of parents. The parent’s unwork causes family conditions to get heavier. Causing family conditions to get heavier. If this heavy load does not immediately find a way out it will be a time bomb that can explode at any time. One of the explosions that has been heard loudly is the massive violence of children.

What is meant by violence against children?

The violence that occurs in children is an act of physical and psychological violence committed by parents or adults against children. In general, violence against children occurs in the house with those closest to him when interacting. But nowadays interaction is not only limited in the environment inside or outside the house but violence is very rife in cyberspace.

What is the Impact of Violence on Children?

Physical child abuse can cause damage to a child’s nerves, asthma, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. While psychically causing trauma in children to increase a person’s risk of experiencing depression early.

What are the Models of Violence and Impact on Children?

The model of child abuse is very diverse. Starting from psychic and physical violence, but can also be in other forms. For example, violence attacks the child mentally both verbal and non-verbally. Either directly or through cyberspace.

Psychological violence that occurs in children, among others, is as follows:
  1. Loss of confidence looks depressed and restless
  2. Choosing to skip school, experiencing a decline in achievement, and loss of passion for school
  3. Avoiding certain situations
  4. Experiencing psychosomatics such as headaches or sudden abdominal pain
  5. Withdrawing from social activities, friends, or parents
  6. Late emotional development and loss of skills
  7. Lack of trust and difficulty in relationships with friends
  8. Have feelings of worthlessness and uncontrollable emotions
  9. Impairs the development of the brain and nervous system
  10. Causes negative behavior that is very damaging to the growth and development of children
Examples of physical violence that occurs in children include the following:
  • Neglect of children by not providing food and board needs.
  • Sexual violence against children.
  • Child abductions are rife.
  • Injury or injury and risk of death.
Currently, a new type of violence that massively occurs in children is cyberbullying. Violence in this virtual world is increasing because the need for children to learn, play, communicate switches to all online media.

All children’s activities today cannot be separated from online media. More specifically is for children in urban areas who have unlimited internet access.

What are the Solutions and Ways to Overcome Violence in Children?

Communication between family members is one solution in resolving acts of violence in children and family members. The violence arises as a result of communication that does not run normally. For example, when parents and children get together at home are all busy with their world. Talking to a child is rare and very expensive. So that when there are small problems that occur will easily explode into violence in the weakest family members, namely children.

Therefore, use the time and opportunity as best as possible when meeting family. Meeting the children immediately makes them warm and pleasant communication. Effective communication is not a complicated thing when we get used to doing it routinely and continuously.

Schedule 5 to 10 minutes to learn to communicate with your child. The more parents practice understanding and understanding how to communicate and interact with children, the better parents get to know the child. If the closeness of parents with children is harmonious then the interaction between family members will run well. When the interaction goes well then the warmth, the happiness of the child’s family grows by themselves.
Happiness that thrives in the family is a simple way to resolve any form of violence that occurs in the family.
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