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Very simple! Here’s a Fitness Exercise Tip At Home: Working Out Without a Gym


Fitness Training Tips at Home: Working out without a Gym

Since the pandemic of physical activity is reduced than usual. So that body fitness also decreases, there are some tips for fitness exercises at home: exercising without a gym that can be tried.

Parenting during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult, you have to divide the time to work, take care of the house and monitor the child while at home. Many parents are getting tired of this condition.

As long as the whole activity is only done from home, we will automatically sit more often for hours in front of the computer, play mobile phones, and do less physical activity as before.

Children should do more physical activity outside. Since the pandemic should reduce and it affects the fitness of the body.

Check out the following article about fitness exercise tips at home: working out without a gym.

What should be prepared?

• Mattress

If you are going to do workouts, sit-ups, push-ups that need to lie on the floor then it takes one mattress or padded base to be more comfortable when exercising.

• Sportswear

Wearing sports-specific clothing is more advisable because the design has been designed more appropriately to be more flexible and flexible, but if you do not have you can wear clothes that are not so loose and long.

It’s good to wear a jacket or hoodie to sweat faster and come out a lot when exercising.

• Comfortable Footwear

Sports movements such as gymnastics or workouts. they are recommended to use footwear either shoes or socks. So that during moving the feet still feel comfortable and avoid slippery surfaces.

Things to Do

Here are some things to do both before and after sports.

a) Always warm up first to prevent cramps.

b) Choose a sport that is appropriate for age and level.

c) Don’t forget to cool down after you finish exercising.

d) Do it regularly every day.

Sports Without a Gym

1. Stretching Every Morning

Every waking up in the morning try to always do a light stretch so that the body does not feel stiff and tense, do this every day for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Stretching can be by stretching both hands to the side then up, stretching both hands parallel to the feet, and so on.

2. Workout

Fitness training tips at home: working out without the next gym turns out to be at home and without special tools. At the beginning of the pandemic, exercise from home or workouts became a trend and viral because of the results obtained afterward.

You can watch the tutorial video through Youtube and adjust the levels also for children. The duration lasts 15-30 minutes.

3. Jump Rope

Jump rope or skipping is a simple sport that can sweat a lot. Do it every day for 20 minutes-60 minutes interspersed with a 5-minute break.

This one exercise is also good for the development of children’s height and you who are on a diet can lose weight through the jumping rope.

The right way to skip is simply to swing the rope with both hands, there is no need for the entire arm to swing and close both legs when jumping, so you will not be too tired.

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics has been known for the benefits of relaxing the muscles of the body even though the movement is very simple and the time is fairly short.

You can take the kids with a lot of exercise in the morning accompanied by fun music. Do gymnastics starting from the warm-up part first before the core movement, after it is done do not forget to do the cooling part.

That’s the fitness exercise tips at home: working out without a gym that you can be with your baby try to do at home. Good luck.

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