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To Avoid, Here’s the Negative Impact of Helicopter Parenting


Do you often worry too much about your children?

The condition can not be blamed because every parent will always worry about their children. However, you need to be careful that you do not apply a parenting helicopter. This type of parenting can harm a child’s development.

What is Helicopter Parenting?

Before discussing more the impact of helicopter parenting. We should know about what parenting is. Parenting is what parents apply to guide their children. In this case, parents become role models in children’s physical and mental development.

There are types of parenting that can harm children’s development. This is called helicopter parenting. This type of parenting refers to parenting. that is too restrictive and controls children’s lives. So, sometimes parents become excessively worried. While their children can not grow properly.

Parenting style by curbing children will make children unable to find their freedom. For example, parents are too worried if their child is sick, so do not allow their children to play outside the house with their friends. Another example, parents have strong ambitions for their child’s education, so he forced his son to take various lessons.

Of course, every parent has their style in educating their children. It is also not to blame. But it would be better for parents not to curb the lives of their children. So, until adulthood children do not have bad memories with their parents.

Negative Impact of Helicopter Parenting

As a parent, of course, it is mandatory to give affection to their children. However, parents must also be able to place children as human beings. so that they can develop their character.

Some of the negative impacts for children are due to excessive parenting styles, as follows:

1. LowerIng Children’s Self-Confidence

You need to remember. if you press children too strongly. Then it can have an impact on the child’s development. One of them is about social development, children who get excessive pressure tend to be shy and their confidence decreases. This is because parents do not give children the confidence to develop freely.

Self-confidence is a provision in life for someone, so the confidence that is owned decreases then the character will be difficult to develop properly. Try to implement parenting that can give you freedom. Moreover, early childhood parenting tries not to curb creativity too much. So, his confidence will continue to grow.

2. Anxiety Increases

Children who grow up with parenting. That is too stressful can cause anxiety and fear in children. Children will feel anxious if they don’t get the things they want, and can even experience stress.
In addition, children will grow up with high selfishness, so feel that they should always get the best. Of course, this becomes a less good character. So, make sure you apply the right parenting tips. Without having to put excessive pressure on children. Remember, whatever actions you do to your child will always be recorded in his memory.

3. Dependence on Parents

Children who are not allowed to solve their problems will have no experience. Children who have little experience will find it difficult to be independent. Your child will always depend on the help of parents. Children will always feel comfortable in their parent’s way. Your child will always need the help of both parents. The more often the help that parents give to children, the higher the level of dependence of children on their parents.

How do parents behave?

Being a wise parent requires a process to always learn. When facing a child’s problems, of course, parents want to solve them immediately. But the way parents always take over the child’s problems will cause the child’s maturity process can not develop properly. For children to be able to become adults and independent in facing their lives do some of the following:
  1. Provide figures and assistance to children according to their age needs
  2. If the child is still immature, parents are obliged to provide intensive support to the child
  3. When the child has started to grow up (puberty). Parents should get used to starting to give confidence to the child to solve his problems.
  4. Parents convince children to be able to live independently by not too meddling with the problems of children who are adults.
  5. Parents make time to discuss and communicate with children when there is a problem.
  6. Parents provide input and advice to children. Then give the child a chance to solve it on their own in his way.
  7. Parents are open to always evaluating themselves and also to children.
Thus, the negative impact of helicopter parenting. Actions that we need to know. Make sure you know and understand your child’s character well so that we can deal with it properly. Be a responsible parent for your child’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

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