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Stress Experienced by Parents During COVID-19


What Are the Stress Face During COVID-19 And How to Overcome Them

Discussing what stress is experienced by parents during the covid 19 outbreak and how to overcome it

Being a parent and having to raise children in addition to making a living for the family, is not an easy thing, especially in the time of the coronavirus pandemic that has not found a cure as it is today. If you are not mentally strong, stress can arise. Well here are some of the causes of stress faced by parents during COVID-19 and how to overcome it.

Stress due to Fear of Children Contracting Covid and Getting Sick

Parents become stressed because they worry about the child’s health condition. Although to prevent the transmission of Covid 19 then online schools are carried out. So kids don’t have to go to school physically, leave the house. Children stay at home, under parental care, and do schoolwork online through smartphones or laptops and PCs as a means to connect or communicate with their teachers.

This is an effort to do social distance or restrictions on physical contact, to keep children and teachers from transmitting each other’s covid 19 virus. The problem with parenting during the coronavirus pandemic is not easy. Parents need to supervise the child for 24 hours. Especially if your parents have to work outside the home. So if previously children can be entrusted in school while parents work. Now it can not be done anymore.

Although there are now schools that have opened again. The responsibility and decision to allow children to leave the house and go to school again is a risk for parents completely. Do not let children contract Covid when outside the house, even if it is at school. Supervising and parenting will become more difficult if both parents have to work outside the home, as well as for single parents. Must be able to manage the time well and find a replacement caregiver who can be trusted and ensure the health and do not bring the Covid virus to the house, when the parents are outside the house. This is what triggers stress.

Parents can ask grandparents or other relatives for help to take care of the children. It can also take turns with neighbors to take care of each other’s children. Set the schedule well.

Stress due to Online School

Online schools can indeed prevent physical contact and prevent children from the possibility of contracting Covid from others. But to support the teaching and learning process online, parents now need to provide infrastructure facilities, such as internet quotas and also mobile phones or laptops. For less able parents then this can cause stress. Because of the increasing burden of costs to send children to school. At this time, parents can use emergency funds. In addition, parents must be ready and able to answer and help children carry out their schoolwork. This adds to its stress. As a solution parents can search for the answer via the internet, and with children discuss it.

Stress Due to WFH (Work from Home)

When Covid many workers are also laid off, either still paid partly when WFH or some are housed, without being given any salary. While the cost of sending children to school rises, as well as health costs, need to buy vitamins, masks, facilities to maintain cleanliness and so forth that increase spending as well. Especially if the child whines asking for a good cell phone and laptop for his online school because all their friends use it. On the one hand when WFH can babysit at home, but on the other hand, income is reduced. As a solution, it is necessary to find a side business,.Try selling online or offer parenting services to neighbors and so forth.

Try to be more creative and stay calm and clear-minded, try not to stress. Lots of worship.

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