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Good Parenting Tips During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Parenting during the coronavirus pandemic must be done more extra so as not to have a bad impact on the child’s mental health. If the right is wrong, it will make the child become stressed.

Becoming a Parent during the Corona Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have made parents anxious and worried about parenting during the coronavirus pandemic. Do the things you like

This can be a stress trigger for parents during COVID-19 and stress and anxiety in children. Now amid an increasingly mushrooming coronavirus, parents have to go the extra mile to overcome fear and stress in children so they can feel safe and comfortable.

Tips for Implementing Parenting for Children During a Pandemic

Facing the COVID-19 crisis, children are much more prone to experiencing coronavirus anxiety disorder: coping with stress, and anxiety. To avoid this is tips for parenting during the coronavirus pandemic.:

1. Ensuring your happiness

Parents are sometimes so focused on caring for children that they often forget about their happiness. In terms of the condition of parents. They are happier and free from stress, then the happiness will also be transmitted to children. Parents can first do positive activities to help them be happier in starting the day.

2. Calm Down and Don’t Give Anything Negative

Emotions will never have limits, on par with the virus these emotional feelings can spread to others. For example, being too anxious when your baby doesn’t stop crying, panicking, fearing, and sharing negative things on social media, even people who are far away can be affected and afraid just by reading the negative and already shared things.

3. Do Not Consume Information Excessively

Parents should be able to give control to the various information that will be received to help children resolve traumatic events that are being experienced. Choose carefully and carefully what the child should watch, read and hear. If it can cause panic to the child and parent. Then we should immediately stop consuming it.

4. Letting Children Make Their Own Decisions

The next way to do this is to sit down with the child and explain to them what is going on. Explain to them about the development of the coronavirus that is happening out there. It will later have a relationship between trauma and the brain: helping children heal the fear, anxiety, and stress that is in them.

In addition, parents are obliged to ask the child’s opinion about what they should do, the answers given by the child can make parents later get a new idea in parenting when they should always be at home.

5. Do the things you like

One of the coronavirus mental health devices is to do various things. Those were previously delayed because they do not have much time or effort. For example, if parents want to learn to cook, knit, paint, etc., now is a great time to do it together with the child.

Every feeling worried because of the situation in the current pandemic period. When helping children learn online, you can take a breath and remember even though the situation is not okay. Always do things that are positive so that later children can behave positively as well.

For example, before helping children learn. First parents can look for fitness training tips at home: exercising without a GYM and so forth that are his interest.

Characteristics of Children Experiencing Stress or Depression that Must Be Known

We live side by side with this one virus for almost a year, it turns out this has a bad impact on children in Indonesia. One of the worst and most common impacts on children is stress and depression, but sometimes parents often don’t realize it and often wonder why babies cry? It could be that right because he is experiencing stress and forgets about it by crying.

The following are the behaviors that can indicate if the child is experiencing stress or depression:

1. Have a Changed Diet

Children who usually really like to eat all kinds of food without being picky and in a short time children are more choosy of the food they want to consume. This is one of the signs that the child is experiencing stress.

2. Irritable and Cranky

This can be seen from when the child plays and can not do missions in the game, then he will be grumpy and can also when losing a game and directly slam or damage the toys that are being used. Another example, when a child asks to take a shower, make the bed, and other people don’t want to do it.

3. The Sleep Patterns He Has Changed

The child’s sleep time turns upside down when the child continues to fuss and cannot fall asleep and when the morning just starts to fall asleep, in addition, the child becomes more often sleep and has a greater sleep duration.

4. Lack of Motivation

When children take too long to learn online systems at home, it is more prone to decrease motivation. For example, children when starting school are lazy and do not want to do the tasks given by the school.

Tips for Dealing with Stress in Children at Home

In addition to parenting during the coronavirus pandemic that must be done appropriately, parents must also know how to cope with stress on children, for example:

1. Invite Children to Exercise

Exercise can help to produce endorphins in the body that can help make the mood much better so that later symptoms of depression and anxiety can subside. Parents can take children to yoga, bike, or walk around the housing complex.

2. Consumption of Various Nutritious Foods

These foods can help in relieving stress, especially foods that contain good nutrition because they can help provide nutrients to the brain so as not to be easily stressed. Consumption of foods that contain a lot of vitamin D, red meat, vitamin C, etc. Vitamin C can help prevent oxidative damage to the nervous system so that it can be better able to reduce physical and psychological stress.

3. Adequate and Timely Sleep

It sounds trivial that sleep has a very big role in managing stress and also depression. If we have enough sleep patterns, then the body will not feel tired quickly. Not only that but must apply sleep patterns on time, when we have good quality sleep then when we wake up in the morning will feel fresher and productive. This can make a person more optimal in carrying out various activities.
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