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Causes of Hobbies To Truant From School

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There are a thousand and one reasons for children not to go to school. These various reasons are generally divided into two main reasons. The first is due to internal factors. It’s bad behavior caused by himself. The second is due to external factors. That is the ditching behavior caused by conditions from the outside. 

Permission not to enter school or not take lessons is a natural thing to happen. In one month of learning, activities occur behavior does not enter school occurs two to three times. Some children often do not enter school, some children rarely permit but also do not enter school.

In this case, we will discuss the behavior of children who are very often permission not to enter school. Because often permission does not enter, this behavior becomes a hobby not to enter school. In a week Alexa can not enter five days. So in a month, you can not go to school twenty times. In one semester Alexa only entered four to five times.

Ditching school is it?

Ditching is a situation when a school-age child or adolescent has the behavior of often not attending school or not attending lessons with permission or without permission for unclear reasons. This definition occurs when children learn directly in school. In today’s conditions, children do not learn directly in school. Children learn online through apps. Children can easily join or join to enter online classes. So that ditching behavior also changes when learning is done online.

Ditching online school is?

In online school or online learning. children can easily enter, join or join in online learning applications. Through clicking some tools in the child’s application can already enter the school online. In contrast to the school directly. Children need a long process to prepare themselves until school. But with the ease of entering online schools is comparable to the ease of getting out, not entering, or ditching while online learning takes place. Ditching when school online is the behavior of school-age children or teenagers who do not join, join or exit online learning applications for unclear reasons.

Why is Alexa a hobby of skipping school?

In the case experienced by Alexa, we get some data after making psychological observations and psychological diagnoses. The data we get is as follows:
  • Alexa often does not go to school because they feel more comfortable and comfortable at home.
  • Alexa likes to be at home because everyone can obey her wishes
  • Alexa likes to be at home because she can manage everything she does
  • The initial reason for not wanting to go to school is because no one is dropping off
  • Alexa feels that school activities are just playing and meeting up with friends
  • Alexa tends to underestimate the activities in school
  • Parents tend not to be assertive in disciplining Alexa to enter school
  • Alexa is often angry with mom when she wants something
  • Alexa tends to always impose the will on her mother
  • Alexa tends to insist or insist that her wishes are immediately fulfilled
  • Alexa feels special when compared to her two sisters
  • Alexa has two older siblings who were born with special needs or inclusion conditions
  • The mother feels Alexa is a special child born with normal conditions
  • Fathers also tend to defend Alexa rather than protect their wives
  • Dad didn’t teach Alex respect to his mother
  • Mom always gave up on Alexa because she felt sad

Help Alexa Avoid ditching school?

There are several ways that both parents must do to be able to change Alexa’s behavior. Healthy parenting must be properly enforced. The ways to create healthy parenting are as follows:
  • Both parents should be compact in working together to educate children
  • Both parents should play an active role in providing ethical education to Alexa
  • Parents must train disciplined behavior to Alexa to get used to an orderly learning
  • Fathers urgently need to maximize the role in the family to be able to help the role of the mother in caring for two children with special needs and one normal child (Alexa)
  • The father should always actively make time to intervene with Alexa when the behavior of aggression to his mother arises.
  • Provide special companion experts to assist mothers in nurturing Alexa’s two inclusions
  • The schedule always prays five times with all family members who are directly led by Father as imam of prayer.
  • Be patient and strive in accompanying, care for and educate children

Why Do Children Still Truant During Online School?

Today’s children are no longer in school. They learn online from their respective places or homes. But ditching behavior when learning online is increasingly massive, invisible, and known to parents. Parents feel that children have learned at home well.

How do we deal with this condition?

Check out section 2

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