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This is the Importance of Understanding Learning Psychology for Child Development


Being a parent is something that automatically happens when we have children. After marriage then blessed with Allah SWT a child then we are obliged to be parents. But parents’ school never took us. College to be a parent also has no faculty. Many new parents learn to be parents when they have children. Being a parent is not a trial and error. Being a parent requires a long learning process.

Do we know the importance of learning psychology?

Here’s the right article for us to study together. This time we will discuss the importance of understanding the psychology of learning for child development. This information can be an important provision for parents in guiding their children’s learning patterns.

Getting to Know the Psychology of Learning

Learning psychology is a science that is specific to the study of human behavior in a learning process. In the sense of psychology, this provides an overview of a person’s behavior patterns in undergoing the process of learning and learning.

This understanding of psychology is usually needed in the educational process in school. A teacher should have a good knowledge of the psychology of learning to understand student behavior while studying.

In addition to teachers, it is also important for parents to know this psychology. This can help parents understand the appropriate learning style for their children. Keep in mind that the learning style that children have is different. So, with psychological understanding, we can understand our children’s learning abilities.

The Importance of Understanding Learning Psychology

For parents, knowledge of the function of learning psychology is very important. This can be a secret weapon in guiding our children in the educational process. So, we can put a suitable position on the child’s learning process, so that we do not force our child to do something that is not of interest.

Some of the benefits of studying learning psychology that we need to know to help children’s development, as follows:

1. Knowing Your Child’s Learning Interests and Talents

The first benefit that we can feel is that we can know the interests and talents of our children. We can understand it from our child’s behavior during the learning process. We can see from his expression and spirit when learning. When children like something, they will be happy and not feel compelled to do it.

Another thing we need to know when you want to understand child psychology, avoid inferring a child’s abilities only from the value he or she gets. However, also pay attention to the pattern of behavior that he does during the learning process.

2. Help Overcome Children’s Learning Difficulties

In addition to finding children’s interests and talents, we can also find ways to overcome children’s learning difficulties. Learning psychology can help us see a child’s learning abilities. So, we can quickly respond to lessons that feel difficult for our children.

This knowledge is important so that we do not scold our children when they get bad grades. However, we can help him in overcoming his learning difficulties. Attention from us is one of the keys that can increase children’s learning spirit. So, do not get angry easily, but provide the right solution for our children, so that they are not afraid if they get bad grades. However, when that happens our child will dare to admit it and ask for our help to solve his learning problems.

3. Create a Comfortable Home Atmosphere For Learning

Understanding the psychology of learning can also help us to create comfortable conditions when studying at home. So, children can feel the atmosphere that supports the learning process at home with us.

Thank God, now we have understood some things about the importance of understanding learning psychology for parents to become parents in guiding the child’s learning process.

So, prepare ourselves to learn, so that our child’s learning process gets better. So, we can be parents as well as the right partner for our children while undergoing the education process.

Don’t forget to be a parent, don’t forget to always learn

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