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The Importance of Carrying Out Trauma Healing for Semeru Victims


The occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and erupting mountains come suddenly with considerable impact and cChief of Indonesian National Police Explains Short and Medium Term Steps to Handle the Eruption of Mount Semeruan change lives for those who experience it in a short period. Therefore, events like this can cause trauma in the affected victims and also cause mental disorders. Therefore it is necessary to do prevention by doing trauma healing efforts. Like the semeru mountain disaster, that has just erupted and also takes many victims. So the government needs to do trauma healing victims that they can recover and move well.

Implementation Stages to Run Trauma Healing in Victims of Natural Disasters

Doing trauma healing victims is not an easy thing. But it plays an important role to do because otherwise, it can cause victims of natural disasters to experience PTSD. Especially for children who usually tend to be more difficult to be able to express what they feel, especially for anxiety experienced so it is important to pay attention. Several stages need to be done so that the process of implementing trauma healing can run well and work to help the mental recovery of the victims who experienced it so that they can bounce back from the adversity experienced.

The First Stage by Maintaining Security and Stability

The first thing that can be done to help the trauma healing of victims is that usually, the doctor will provide needs following what is there, including consuming certain drugs to help maintain stability. Usually, the doctor will also provide supervision of this first stage of the journey by helping to provide some therapies that can be done easily. Including helping to overcome the presence of excessive emotions, feelings experienced, managing the fear owned, and also helping to stabilize yourself when faced with the triggers of the trauma that is not good.

The Second Stage by Giving Time to Remember and Grieve

The second stage is the effort to trauma healing victims as well as what can be done. Is to encourage to do and carry out the trauma process and also recognize well related to what is felt, including various things that are missing from life. The process of exploring a traumatic event becomes a path in psychology to help yourself to heal well enough. Of course, this process will also be supervised by professionals. So that the victims can use this better and maximally for their mental recovery.

The Third Stage by Restoring and Restoring Relationships

The third stage in the trauma healing process of victims will focus more on empowerment that is done. Help in efforts to bring back to bring control in life and also heal better. Victims need to remember that the trauma is not something that can define them. There is no need to make it self-described by giving more control. Victims need to remember that having trauma does not mean that they are living it alone, but rather that there is a lot of help ready to help them recover and accompany them every step of the way.

The Fourth Stage By Patiently Facing the Test of Natural Disasters

Patience is an overwhelming strength in the face of life’s tests. Including when victims of natural disasters erupt. Under any toughest conditions, this victim’s face is part of the test of life. Accepting and taking this test with patience is one of the processes to strengthen mentally. Because every life span of every human being will always face the test of life. Allah will test His servants with tests at every time of his life.

And We will surely test you with a little fear, hunger, lack of treasure, soul, and fruit. And tell the good news to those who are patient.

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