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The Dangers of Making TikTok Friends with Children


The child’s world is a world of play. In general, children love to play whatever they meet. Whatever your child holds it will be a toy. There is no need for sophisticated equipment so that children can play with their friends. Because everything that children encounter can be the material of their game. Under no circumstances can children play. When it rains heavily, children can play with rainwater. When the wind is strong, children can play kite. Even when it’s dark at night, children can still play hide and seek. This is the natural condition of a child who knows many things through the process of playing with his friends to adapt to his environment. When the child gets time to play proportional, then the child will grow into a normal human being.

When the child’s natural game has been replaced with online games or instant games, It will harm the child’s behavior in the future.

What instant games do children consume?

Instant games that children use and consume to meet their playing needs are very many and diverse. Like Free Fire, Fortnite, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Roblox, Subway Surfers, Growtopia, Apex Legends, Pokémon Unite, Pou, My Talking Tom, Minecraft. Can also play on social media such as challenge games or dare challenge popular among children users. Like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook become one of the applications that are often the medium of challenge games that children do. They fill social media content with extreme or dangerous games to get attention so that they are seen by many people and get as many followers.

The Impact of Tiktok Addiction

The addiction to making friends on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook is tantamount to social media addiction. This will be bad for the psychological and physical health of the child. When everyday children play on TikTok so rarely interact and forget about the surrounding environment. It will cause the risk of children being reluctant to socialize, lazy to move, lazy to learn, difficulty eating, and experiencing disruption of sleep patterns at night. Tiktok has a negative influence on children when used excessively. Which inhibits the process of growing up some aspects of children’s abilities. Since there is a TikTok application, children have forgotten how to play in the real world. By using simple equipment around them, they can interact playing with friends happily and happily.

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a social media app with a video music platform. Users can create different types of content in it by editing the complete short video clip sharing using filters and accompanied by various types of music as supporters with limited duration.

Can Children Play Tiktok?

For children to grow up healthy, natural, and normal, avoid the use of social media and INSTANT games in early childhood. This must be done by parents if they want children to grow up normally, both psychologically and physically. Although the government has restricted access to Tik Tok app users for children under the age of 13, not all users understand it. Quoting Axios, Monday (07/05/2021), the minimum age to use the entire TikTok service is 13 years. If users under the age of 13 access TikTok, or post content without disclosing their actual age, their account will be deleted. But in fact, more and more children can access the application easily.

Is Tiktok Banned?

In Indonesia, there is no prohibition to play on TikTok. There are age restrictions for its users. TikTok and more than 50 Chinese-made apps are permanently banned in India. India’s ministry of electronics and information technology announced, that it had imposed a permanent ban on the video app TikTok.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Tiktok?

This app is entertainment for adults not for children. TikTok can increase a person’s creativity in adolescence. Adults can practice being creative by creating content that contains positive things. But unfortunately, the amount of positive content is still inferior to negative content that many enthusiasts.

How to stop TikTok addiction?

During this pandemic, TikTok became the most popular social media and often became an entertainment trendsetter on social media. The condition of children on school holidays and only at home makes TikTok a friend who accompanies children at home.

Here are tips so that parents can help so that children do not date TikTok.
  • First, parents must make time and manage time to accompany children to play.
  • Second, prepare a substitute caregiver for parents, to play together and accompany the child.
  • Third, do not rush to provide gadget facilities to children, wait for them to enter adulthood.
  • Fourth, meet the child’s natural play needs, such as; cycling, futsal, swimming, dance, chase, engkle, gobak Sodor, and others.
  • Fifth, avoid and limit children’s access to INSTANT games.
Playing naturally is the happiness of children is very simple, easy and cheap.
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