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Symptoms of Mental Disorders in Children


The term mental illness is used by children today to label playmates who are affected by bullying attacks in cyberspace. Since learning online during the pandemic, children also automatically play together with their friends in the virtual world. According to the Great Dictionary of Indonesian (KBBI) Online. Mental is included in the word Adjective. which has the meaning of being concerned. with the human mind and disposition. which is not body or energy.

Mental Illness is a term used by Mobile Legends players. then bring down their opponent’s mentality. This behavior is a form of psywar as the game progresses. which is a strategy to defeat the opponent. Psywar or commonly called nerve war is a form of attack that is launched using psychological methods. with the aim of awakening a person’s psychological reactions to being easily defeated.

The more often children experience mental behavior, it can cause mental disorders. Mental disorders or mental illnesses usually occur in adults. But today’s condition of mental disorders is increasingly widespread experienced by children. If this happens to children, it can interfere with their mental growth and development. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental illness in children is a delay or disorder in their development.

What Are the Symptoms or Signs of Mental Illness in Children?

The first symptom that we can easily see is the changes that occur in the child’s emotions. Children tend to have unstable or baperan (carry feelings). Offended a little already exploded his emotions. Not being able to complete the task was desperate. Failing after the test was already crying. Mocked a little bit.

The second is that it is difficult to be in a new environment around it. Children tend to feel anxious when they leave the house or are in a new place. Even when meeting with relatives, teachers, or friends of the child feel anxious. When the child is in a crowded place he also feels scared because it is difficult to adjust to the problem.

The third is an unconfident child. There is a behavior of children who do not believe in him. When talking to adults, just be quiet. Although understand the language conveyed, the child feels not confident to answer by discussing directly. Children also do not dare to show the results of their work or work to teachers, friends, or others.

The fourth is that the child is obese or obese. The behavior of feeling comfortable at home makes children tend to be lazy to move. When there is a lot of homework the child feels lazy or mager (lazy motion). All the needs of eating and drinking want to be ready to eat without knowing the process of making to finish it. The activities of cleaning the room, washing dishes, arranging the study table are all ignored. All he did was eat and keep eating.

The last one is that the child has psychosomatic. Feelings of anxiety, fear, anxiety, lack of confidence so that emotions become unstable cause some physical symptoms. These physical symptoms include headaches, stomach nausea, mules, ulcers, diarrhea, fever, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping that causes the child’s growth and development to experience obstacles.

What Causes Children To Be Mentally Affected?

The cause of mental illness in children is online games. Excessive intestability of children when playing online with friends causes them to be mentally easily hit. The absence of control from parents. game application providers. government policies that regulate the behavior of children playing games make mental behavior even higher. Until now in general some studies indicate. That is a combination of playing online games, biological factors, heredity, trauma, and stress.

How To Improve Mental Development In Children?

1. Build a harmonious family

Families that have solid, compact, and harmonious family members will be able to solve all problems faced by all members of their families. The support of fathers, mothers, and siblings is essential in resolving existing conflicts.

2. Good conflict management

Parents set an example to all family members in solving every problem that exists. If parents can solve problems in a good way. All family members will have examples of transparency in resolving the problem.

3. Make proper observation and diagnose

Accuracy in making accurate observations and diagnoses is very helpful for children and parents to solve problems. If wrong in making a diagnosis will certainly make the child’s mental health worse. Therefore immediately look for the correct information about the mental disorder suffered by the child.

4. Doing a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining physical health can help nourish mental. Get used to your child eating healthy foods. Get used to halal, healthy, and nutritious foods every day, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, and milk. Training children to actively move by exercising every day is very good at helping their motor. And discipline to set a rest schedule helps children orderly in daily activities.

A healthy mentality of growing and developing well makes children more excited. Children can interact to build good relationships with their environment. Children have a good concentration in learning. Children also have good conflict management skills.

So that children grow up and live happily with their families.

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