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Problems Growing Up In Twins


Alex and Alexa are 7-year-old twins when they enter elementary school. Alex was born first and then Alexa was born next. At the beginning of school, their problems were not yet so visible. Teachers and friends think they are the same as twins in general. They are both very funny, compact, compatible, and always both when playing. Many of my classmates were happy with both of them. But after a semester of travel. There began to be some complaints from friends and class teachers due to behavior from Alex.

Alex’s behavior was very aggressive towards his friends. For no apparent reason, he suddenly hit his classmate. Then move on to another class. Alex broke his friend’s glasses during recess. Alex rips his friend’s notebook when he can’t borrow it. Alex kicked a friend in the stomach when he wasn’t given the cake he wanted. Every hour of rest there is always an incident that Alex does. So Alex is very famous at the first-class level because of his actions.

In learning activities in class Alex often left behind lessons. Because it is not finished when writing the task is written. When he was about to remove the teacher, Alex was angry that he wasn’t finished. When it comes to counting and reading tasks, Alex has difficulty summing simple numbers. Alex is also not confident when it comes to reading. Alex reads very slowly and many letters are read incorrectly. They compared Alex’s behavior to that of his twin sister Alexa who was as different as earth and sky.

How Does This Behavior Happen?

Alex and Alex are non-identical twins (fraternal twins) in the case of non-identical twins more common than identical twins. Non-identical twins occur when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm cells. Fraternal twins do not have the same genes, so they are born with different sexes (female and male) and different faces. In the womb, non-identical twins also have their placentas.

Studies conducted by researchers at Georgia State University, Atlanta, UNITED STATES showed that body movements, such as singing or waving, talking, emotions in twins, development is much slower than in ordinary children. In speaking, language use also tends to be left behind in twins. It is also influenced by gender, because, Ozcaliskan said, girls tend to perform better than boys.

After receiving information from several sources. The accompanying team then confirms the data by observing and diagnosing it thoroughly. From the results of observations for one month obtained the following data:
  1. Alex’s cognitive abilities are below his peers. Alex takes longer to respond, understand, and review information. Alex has difficulty understanding new knowledge in analyzing learning tasks.
  2. Alex is less able to understand the instructions and directions given by the teacher or others.
  3. Alex is less able to complete tasks carefully and pays less attention to the quality of his work.
  4. Alex pays less attention to regularity in sequence patterns.
  5. Alex is less able to control his emotions. There is an aggressive potential for spontaneous violence.
  6. Aggression that caused by emotional disorders experienced. This has an impact on the tendency of compulsive behavior that leads to acts of aggression hitting and attacking others.
  7. Alex is less able to control himself and never thinks about the consequences of his actions.
  8. Alex and Alexa have different characters from each other. Alexa is better than her twin brother Alex.
  9. Alex’s differences in behavior trigger many problems for his twin to overcome constant competition.
  10. The environment in the family and surrounding areas often compare the good and bad of the two to inhibit their growth and development normally.
  11. Alexa can grow well and excel in its class. Alex had a lot of problems in the learning process.

How To Help Alex And Alexa Problem?

To help Alex and Alexa’s problems we start with the family and both parents. Parents should be able to get used to be fair to their two children. Even though Alexa is better potential than Alex. Both parents must appreciate the potential of their two children well. Pay attention according to each other’s needs. Meet the nutritional needs of nutritious halal foods such as fish, vegetables, fruits, and milk. Reduce the consumption of meat and ready meals that can trigger increasing aggressiveness.

Stimulation of cognition, emotional and spiritual abilities. By regularly practicing listening and reading the Quran during five prayers. Practicing before going to bed. when waking up begins with the habit of hearing and reading the Quran.

Support Alex and Alexa by providing concrete examples of the differences they face. Like respecting each other’s shortcomings and strengths. The difference they are experiencing is a gift from Allah SWT.

When Alex and Alexa can come to terms with the differences. The potential of growth and development in learning will be optimal by their respective needs.

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