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Phenomenon Greetings From Binjai


The creativity of Indonesian children is indeed extraordinary. From Sabang to Merauke they have a variety of ways of playing. The current pandemic conditions do not prevent children to keep playing expressing their hearts. At any time the child can spontaneously make a new game. Wherever children are new games will be created. Any object that the child encounters will make it a game that adults never thought of. Whatever the child holds will be brought into his world, namely the world of play.

From the tip of Indonesia, the city of Binjai became crowded because there was a teenager named Paris Parnandes who did the action playing with banana trees. The game he does is simple and unique. Paris uses trees as a friend to her boxing opponents. Instead of punching his friend until he was battered. He diverted his hobby and his boxing talent to a banana tree. What Paris does is reasonable behavior for teenagers her age. This was never thought the adults around him.

Violence in the Game or Creativity?

Many things can be played with banana trees. If old-age children use banana trees becomes a variety of games. Today’s children use banana trees for boxing opponents. Old-age children use bananas to play horseback, playboat, play cooking, play car, play boxing, and more. They explore banana trees from the tip of the leaves to the roots. Unlike the children of today who may only know if the banana tree can be used to play boxing. So it’s no wonder so many children today are amazed to see it.
Hitting a banana tree, kicking a coconut tree, pushing a mango tree, pinching a rambutan tree are not among the violent forms in the game. It is nothing more than a form of child expression today. I can’t meet a school friend. Can’t play with my friends. Not being able to joke with friends on the ground is unpleasant. To express something unpleasant into something positive is one form of creative behavior.

How does this simple thing go viral?

Pandemic conditions that are happening for two years make children feel bored, bored, and not excited. There are many interesting things that children can’t do. There are many things that children can’t feel. The activities of interacting and playing with friends are very limited. When children desperately need friends to play with, they can only see through gadgets, tell stories through video calls, mabar online. These limitations cause children to have very limited experience in the real world. Children don’t know much about their surroundings. To play with friends is very limited, let alone play with banana trees. Only children in rural areas can do the game. While the children in the city just live and play in their respective homes.

So no wonder if there is Paris Parnande, the child of the city Binjai who suddenly went viral just because he played fists with a banana tree. Though there are many other interesting things that children can do when playing with banana trees. But not many children in urban areas can play with banana trees because their creativity is limited in their homes. They are just in the room. They are just on his laptop. And just on the Handphone only.

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