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Maintaining Physical and Spiritual Health


Health is a very important thing we have to live a life of a day. Without health, humans will not be able to perform their life functions properly. In conditions without health or being sick, a person is only able to lie in bed can not do many things. Starting to wake up, eat, drink, urinate, defecate, bathe, wear clothes, sit, talk, and some simple things are very difficult for people who are sick. Daily life is very dependent on many things such as medical devices, medicine, doctors, nurses, families, and everyone around it. In sickness, people are very weak and can do nothing about it.

What do you mean by physical and spiritual health?

Human health is divided into two important points. The first is physical health and the second is spiritual health. The first physical health is the physical health of a person that we can see directly and clearly. Physical health is an effort to improve the ability of the human body to function optimally through physical activity, meeting the body’s nutritional needs with a healthy diet to keep the body primed. If the function of the organs of the human body can run in a good or normal state then physical health is fulfilled.

The second is spiritual health. Spiritual health is the psychic or psychiatric health of a person commonly called mental health that we cannot see directly. Only humans themselves can feel whether they are mentally healthy or not. Mentally healthy means that a person can play with himself in various aspects. Like when someone faces a problem that requires precise decision-making without being emotional. One of the problems that are often faced is conflict and stress. This is a condition in which a person experiences emotional and mental distress. They tend to be easily sensitive, angry, anxious, offended, to despair.

How to Get Physical and Spiritual Health?

Getting physical health and spiritual health is very important for the activities of human life every day. From sleep to waking up every day for 24 hours. the whole of human life is in dire need of health. Health is a windfall and countless treasures that are sometimes forgotten.

Here are tips on daily activities that we can do to maintain physical and spiritual health.

Maintaining physical health can be done by:

  • Get used to healthy eating patterns, foods, and drinks.
  • Consume halal, good, and nutritious food
  • Blessings according to physical ability and age.
  • Exercise every day for about 30-50 minutes
  • Adequate rest according to our needs.
  • Maintain personal hygiene (bathing, wudhu) and the surrounding environment.
  • Avoiding habits or bad behavior such as smoking, instant food, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Pray on time.

Maintaining spiritual health can be done by:

1. According to faculty and staff wellness, spiritual health can be done by making peace with the mind and heart so that harmony in life. An example of a spiritual need is to pray according to belief. This method can be done by finding the meaning and purpose of life in the form of faith that exists in every human being.

2. Worship by each other’s beliefs and beliefs. such as five times of prayer, worship, yoga, etc.

3. Residing, having a healthy clean environment, and social intervention well.

4. Behaving honestly, responsibly, politely, wisely, humbly, tolerance, please help, and good morality

5. Giving alms to the unable, such as the poor, abandoned children, affected by natural disasters, etc.

6. Keep out all the commandments and stay away from Allah’s prohibition with all his might.

How to maintain health and life?

In a physically and spiritually healthy condition, Man can maximize all the ability to do benefits, good to himself and the surrounding environment.

If humans can not maintain their health. It will impact damage to themselves and damage to the environment around them. Damage to the environment and the earth is not caused by anomaly changes in extreme weather, animal behavior, plants, and other factors.

This damage to the environment and the earth is caused by the hands and behavior of physically and spiritually ill human beings.

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