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Generations of human children continue to develop following the changes that occur in their time. Changes in human development start from small things to big things. From simple things to complex goals. But man is still on the same earth and sheltered in the same sky. There is a possibility that future generations will not live on earth anymore. Instead of living in another world or a different planet. Today’s generation we call it generation Z.

What Is Meant By Generation Z?

Generation Z (Gen Z) or called i-Gen is a generation that lives together with the birth of the internet age. To live the needs of daily life humans can not escape interacting with the internet. Starting from waking up, eating, drinking, exercising, working, vacationing, studying. to go back to sleep all need the internet. Children of generation Z learn to play to interact in dire need of internet technology. The ability of gen Z children to become very proficient. They use information and technology. They are growing very fast in the internet world. They are also very skilled in cyberspace. When learning with the internet the ability of Gen Z children is extraordinary. They very quickly absorb the latest information then respond to it also quickly. Gen Z children live in the virtual world at an incredible speed.

What do you mean by alpha generation?

The next generation is the alpha generation. Generation Alpha is the first generation born in a new world called the digital world. This generation is very close, familiar, and intense with digital technology. Even so, it turns out that this alpha generation is not too addicted to technology, unlike their parents (millennials) who are very dependent on digital technology.

What are the characteristics of the Alpha generation?

The hallmark of the Alpha generation is that they live together not only with fathers, mothers, and siblings. But they also live with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistance in daily activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is present in the reality of the life of the human child as a member of a new family. AI dominates the reality of the natural part of the alpha generation’s life. This would also cause them to see the world with a sea of information present every second.

They learn very individually. The Alpha generation has direct access to information that makes learning or older learning models very lagging. Gen A children learn at the speed of information from learning experiences alongside Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistance or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The virtual world or social media becomes where they interact. They will interact with playmates not directly. They play online games, social media that are connected throughout the day. It also brings with it concerns about privacy and online bullying. Social interaction relies heavily on the speed of the internet online.

How Do Parents Deal With Generation Zero Alpha?

Meet the living needs of a Child’s Zero Alpha with real life. Their lives in cyberspace, the internet world, the digital world, or the Artificial World of Intelligence (AI) are indeed very great. But all forms of their greatness will be destroyed when interacting with the real world. The very complex real-world presents human behavior that they have never encountered. Making Z-Alpha generation children will be helpless. they are not strong, confused, and fragile to respond to human behavior that they rarely encounter.

When they race E-Sport futsal children Gen Z Alpha will look tough. But when they meet in person in the futsal field. The speed Gen Z would turn into Zero (0) couldn’t do much. Similarly, the Greatness of The Alpha Generation will turn into an Alpha wave. Human brain waves that are daydreaming, pensive, fixated on how to respond to behavior in the futsal field. The same goes for when they compete in learning activities. As the online exam progresses, Gen Z Alpha dominates with a perfect score of 100%. But when the exam is conducted offline, their grades will be in freefall without a parachute.

Therefore as parents must educate and teach their children. To learn and meet the real collection of human behavior. It’s not just learning to meet a collection of information, images, and sounds.

Trained children respond to behavior with the best attitude. Mentally and spiritually strong.
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