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Dysgraphia, Writing Disorders in Children


After explaining to the students, the teacher began to write down the assignment. There are about ten sentences containing questions that students should write. After copying the writing, write it. The whole student continued to fill it with the correct answer. Some children can Copywrite quickly. When the teacher has finished writing, write it. There is a child who has finished half the writing. There is a child who completes three sentences. Someone just started writing one sentence. There are even children who are still confused about what to do?

Some models of the child’s response adjust the condition of readiness of the child when learning in class. Some children can write. There’s a child who’s still unfinished. There’s even a child who can’t write at all. The condition of children who can not write at all when in class one elementary school. This is one indication that the child has a writing disorder.

Alex was the last child to complete the task of copying a written sentence. So it often causes Alex to miss the subject matter. This happened because when the teacher explained, Alex was still writing. When the teacher finished explaining, Alex also could not finish his writing. This class of events often occurs repeatedly, thus disturbing other children.

Briefly, the accompanying team immediately made observations or diagnoses of writing disorders that Alex was experiencing. From the observations found the following data;
  1. The writing disorder that Alex is experiencing is caused by Visual impairment
  2. Alex is less able to perceive visual images to be applied in the form of writing scratches.
  3. Alex has an eye disorder so his writing ability is problematic
  4. Alex needs an ophthalmologist to get the right treatment
  5. Although Alex has the characteristics of writing disorders, Alex does not include children with  dysgraphia

What do you mean by dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia is a form of learning disorder centered on a child’s writing skills. Characteristics of dysgraphia are the child’s handwriting that is difficult to read. This is because the writing model is up and down. The letters are often confused between the front and behind. The arrangement of the letters is not neat so it looks jump. Children who experience dysgraphia also sometimes use the wrong words in communicating.

What causes dysgraphia?

Children who experience writing disorders or dysgraphia are generally caused by neurological disorders, which are disorders of the front left brain associated with the ability to read and write. Children with dysgraphia experience disharmony between the ability to remember and master muscle movements in writing letters and numbers.

How to deal with a child who is slow to write?

Diagnose accurately and accurately. Accurate data can help children with writing disorders or discography appropriately. So that the treatment provided becomes efficient. In Alex’s case above the initial characteristics concluded that he had dysgraphia. But after going through a series of observations and diagnoses resulted in the conclusion Alex experienced visual disturbance. This visual disorder is caused by a problem in Alex’s eyes.

To help children with dysgraphia we can do some of the following:
  1. Stick the alphabet and numbers next to the child’s bed. So that everyone wants to sleep and wake up the child always looks so easy to memorize the letters.
  2. Teach children to distinguish each letter by plagiarizing it with a thick thread. It also helps his sense of touch to remember the shape of each letter he plagiarized.
  3. Provide simple and easy writing tasks
  4. Practice holding and controlling pencils or other stationery,
  5. Controlling the right pressure on paper with stationery,
  6. Maintain the position of the right arm and posture for writing
  7. Sit in the right position and be comfortable
  8. Make sure the study place has good lighting, bright and clean.
Thus some alternative ways to help children with dysgraphia to be able to complete the practice of writing disorders. 

Writing is a basic human ability to communicate perfectly.

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