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Why are children afraid of their own thoughts?


Today we received a fifteen-year-old male client weighing 40 kg. Let’s call it child X comes with complaints experiencing fear in his mind. Physically appear complaints with signs of cold sweat, heart palpitations, dizzy head, body, and legs feel weak. Psychically experience feelings of fear, anxiety, anxiety when meeting people his age. In his head always appears thoughts that continue to spin repeatedly so that it is never resolved. Child X always thinks about the events he has passed while in school or public places. Child X thinks that tomorrow he meets a friend or someone his age, he feels unable to talk, afraid of being wrong, and afraid of not being able to do something. Child X always speaks in his own heart when he feels scared of people around him.

Children x every day start their morning activities by waking up at 08.00, then bathing, breakfast, and helping their mother clean the house until it is finished. After that X’s son returned to his room to open his phone to play growtophia games or see youtube. The activity of playing games and watching youtube is done in the room with a fall. Playing games and viewing youtube is done a few hours until the evening. This habit of child X is done from the age of 11 years until now aged 15 years. Now that he is 4 years old, child X has such a daily habit. Until the age of 13 years, the behavior of child X appears excessive feelings of fear and anxiety. Often can not sleep well at night because there is fear in his mind.

What causes anxious and fearful behavior?

The case experienced by child X is caused by parental parenting. Child X is left to have his habits in his bedroom every day. The habit of being in the bedroom with hp accompanied for several hours. While in bed there are no friends or other people who can be invited to communicate, talk, and joke. This pattern of habits gives rise to the behavior of being alone, not liking to meet many people. When child X goes out of the house to go to school then his psychosomatic symptoms appear with signs of cold sweat all over the body, chest feels tight and feet feel weak.

How do parents help the child?

As parents, we have time to be with our children at home. Spend time at home talking, chatting, and joking with your child. Use the time before bed to read stories and pray for children before going to bed. Make a complete schedule of activities at home that must be done by children, so that their free time can be used for positive activities rather than just being in the bedroom. Use SEFT therapy by giving taping at acupuncture points on the head, face, ground, and palms. In the morning before the activity bathe the child using cold water, and in the afternoon bathe the child using warm water. For therapy, every month do cupping to child X so that nerve tension in his body can return to normal.

Some models of such assistance can be done by child X with parents following the assistance that has been taught by experts. Cooperation between child X, parents, and experts is a must-do. The completion during therapy must be taken care of properly and the healing we surrender to God almighty.

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