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Toxic Relationship Process in Children


Meeting a playmate is fun. Children eagerly wait for playtime to be able to meet with their friends. Although the game is done the same and meets the same person, children do not feel bored meeting with friends. When children play, friends are the most anticipated and awaited people. Because without any friends then a game as good as anything becomes unattractive. In-play the child has some kind of friends. There are friends in the house, there are friends outside the house, there are friends in school, there are friends in private lessons, and there are friends in cyberspace. Whatever type of child’s game, wherever the child plays, surely he will meet new friends. The more types of children’s games, the more new friends arrive.

In addition to having friends they like, a child also has friends he does not like. In a game such a condition is normal. Some win and some lose a game is normal. From the experience of interacting with friends at home, in school, or cyberspace, a child will have a happy or sad experience with his friend.

How to be good friends?

Being a good friend should know closely who the child is. Know who his parents are, know who he is, know his pleasures, and know his habits. So the first condition of being a good friend is to know clearly who our friends are. The second is to understand the condition, situation, and circumstances of the friend. If we are friends with children at home then we must know the conditions at home, if we are friends with friends in school we must know the condition of the school. Third, we must be able to choose and sort out who we can make friends with on an ongoing basis. Finding good friends and keeping yourself from bad friends is an effective way to make friends. Good friends come from good families and bad friends come from bad families. The fifth respect, appreciate the shortcomings and advantages of friends. The sixth is strict to keep yourself from friends who carry negative influences by leaving them well.

How do toxic relationships occur?

To maintain the health of the body then we must apply a healthy lifestyle by getting used to consuming a healthy and balanced diet. If we do not have a healthy diet, it has an impact on the condition of the body. All the foods and drinks we consume at will without any restrictions following a free diet can cause the accumulation of toxins in the body causing chronic diseases.

Likewise with making friends and connecting with people around us. If we are careless in interacting, careless in making friends, careless in friendship, and free without any restrictions in socializing it will cause adverse effects in us. This is called a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships start from the growth and development of children when socializing with their environment. Children do not have a pattern of making good friends, children are not given examples, and are directed to choose good friends. The child is left to be friends with anyone, who he likes to be a friend, no matter the good or bad of the friend. The more free a child’s friendship pattern is, the higher the level of toxic relationship he will feel in the future

How to detox toxic relationships?

Proper parenting can provide an experience of how children can get friends with a healthy pattern of friends. Families with healthy relationship patterns will result in good child behavior. By getting used to children developing a healthy pattern of friends it will strengthen the child’s ability to be able to choose and sort out good friends for him. When habituation of healthy friend patterns is done continuously will be a behavior (character) in the child. So when it is mature a child who grows into adulthood will have an internal filter on him. As great as any toxic relationship that exists and is faced will be easy to detoxify.

The best friends are those who bring good in this world and the hereafter.

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