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Three Stages of Children Growing Into Perfect Creatures


The growth and development of children in a very short life span. If we take the average human lifespan of 65 years then the effective time of human life is only about 20 years left. Humans grow from a baby to a child, from a child to an adult, and after adulthood to old. The life cycle is different from the life cycle of other creatures. As the life cycle of very diverse animals, so is the life cycle of the body whose stages are very many days depending on the type of each.

As the most perfect creature on earth, humans have only three stages of the same life cycle around the world. Although humans are generally divided into three races, namely Kaukasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Of these three types of the human race must have only passed through the same three stages of life. So humans as creatures who can handle the world have a very short life process.

What are the three stages of human life?

The first is the weakest stage of early human life. Man is born of a baby who has nothing but to cry. In this period humans have not been able to communicate, have not been able to walk, have not been able to talk, cannot eat alone, cannot drink alone, cannot urinate alone, cannot defecate themselves, and some other human functions. Baby is very dependent on the adult humans around. If a human baby is abandoned and no one takes care of him then he will not be able to survive. Human babies are very weak, and prone to death. The baby then grows into a human child who experiences the process of growth and development is extraordinary. Children can already communicate by speaking with complete wording, sentences. A child can already walk, run, eat, drink, and do some other more complex activities. But in this child’s time, the human condition is still in a weakened state.

The second is the strongest stage in human life. A human child grows up to develop into an adult human being. Humans grow into adults characterized by the maturity of the reproductive organs. A man is characterized by the discharge of sperm fluid through wet dreams and a woman is characterized by the discharge of the ovum through menstruation. It is at this time of adulthood that the human condition experiences the peak of its power. His knowledge developed vastly with his boundless curiosity. Physical condition grows in maximum conditions ranging from hand strength, leg muscle strength, hearing ability, vision, smell, the brain’s ability to reason is very intense and all organ functions in the human body experience a peak period of strength during the adult period.

The third stage is the stage of decreased ability, from the strong stage to the weak again. A man enters the last period of old age. In the old condition, human abilities decrease the function of all organs of his body. His physical endurance becomes weak, the ability to see is reduced, the ability to hear decreases, the ability to walk becomes weak, the ability to think becomes slow, and the entire function of organs in the old body decreases to weakness.

How do humans become perfect creatures?

In the last stage of the third period of life, man is at the peak of perfection as a living being. Through the process of growth and development that has been passed, humans have had an extraordinary life experience. As the weakest being becomes the strongest, then becomes weak again, is a very valuable lesson for a man who uses his mind and mind when ending his life. Humans may ultimately choose to be wise creatures or humans to be inferior beings to animals or plants.

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