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The Theory of Birds in a Golden Cage


There is a very clear change in behavior that we can see firsthand the condition of a bird that lives in a golden cage. When we compare it to birds that live in nature freely. The condition of the bird in the golden cage looks beautiful and happy. During his life, he got food without having to search. He lives very safely, comfortable with extra protection.

Unlike the birds that live in the wild, he has to take pains to find food, he has to risk his life to survive. Even daily life is very unsafe because at any time can be pounced on by cats to death.

Today our children are living a very comfortable and safe life in their homes. All facilities have been filled by both parents. Starting from clothes, eating drinks, entertainment, playing, and learning are all filled with parents in their homes. Both parents feel that providing all the needs and being at home is the best option for the future of the child.

How does the bird theory in a golden cage work?

This theory serves to compare the conditions of birds that live in golden cages and birds that live in the wild. The result is that the growth and development of birds in golden cages are hampered. As the bird emerges from the golden cage, it loses the ability to forage and survive. He was no longer able to use the wing function to fly high. He couldn’t settle for living with the others. His instinctual abilities and muscles became weak and helpless. In the end, the bird suffered a tragic death.

Unlike the birds that grow to live in free experience. He is very adaptable to his environment. He grew up with incredible survival skills. He can fly very high with his powerful wings. His instincts and muscles develop to the fullest. The endurance to live foraging, drinking, and all its needs can be done well. So that his survival ability is well-formed.

What about our son?

Parents can choose to care for a child using the bird theory in a golden cage or give the child a natural life. If parents choose the theory then actually the mind of parents is also living in the theory of birds in a cage. Parents assume that the child will be fine after so many years of being safe and comfortable in the house. Parents do not know how the child’s condition when they leave their homes.

You can see the condition of children in our environment. Some children are afraid when they meet people. Some children feel anxious when they get out of their homes. Some children experience mental turmoil when responding to something new. Some children experience saturation undergoing monotonous daily activities. Some children are obese due to excessive consumption of food. Some children have visual impairment due to too often being in front of the laptop. Some children can’t walk normally, can’t even run fast. Some children are unable to speak and communicate fluently. Some children can’t afford to ride their bikes. Some children can’t eat and drink on their own. Some children are not strong enough to be exposed to the heat of the sun. Some children are afraid to play with their friends, and there are many more normal conditions that our children are unable to do, even though it is an easy and simple thing. They decrease and become very weak physically and psychologically so that the growth and development of children do not run naturally.

May our children not live in a golden cage created by the minds of parents.

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