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The Power Of Starting Action With A Positive Word


Starting activities in the morning is a fun thing when it starts with an optimistic mind. But the reality is that not all children can start and go through activities in the morning with enthusiasm. In general, when you wake up in the morning, children will be lazy, fussy, and even cry because they don’t want to be woken up from their sleep. The condition of the morning is crowded activities with limited time make the atmosphere of waking up early become creepy. Parents expect children to wake up on time, while children want to sleep longer. Conflict in the morning is unavoidable, so parents often complain when starting activities in an uncontrolled atmosphere

What’s the cause?

Tired physical condition after activity throughout the day requires adequate rest. A child’s resting needs are very different from those of an adult. Children aged 2 years and above need time to rest approximately 10 to 14 hours every day. Children aged 6-12 years need a break of 8 to 10 hours every day. While adults aged 13 years and above need a break of approximately 6 to 8 hours only. Until old age, the number of hours of rest Will decrease.

The duration of rest time in children along with not well-established. Because online learning activities continue to be online games. This problem occurs a lot in children who initially just try to become addicted to online games. The impact of this online game makes the child’s rest hours chaotic. In addition to resting needs are not met properly, children become lazy to do movement activities. This condition is the common cause of children’s difficulty to wake up in the morning. Because at night they do not sleep but actively play online games.

How To Start An Activity With Passion?

Discipline with rest time is the main point to keep the child’s condition fresh. Without enough rest time, it is difficult for parents to condition children in the morning. If the child’s rest needs are met properly, the child will get adequate relaxation according to his age

So that when he wakes up in the morning the condition of his body will be strong, fresh, and fit.

How To Keep Good Habits?

When starting any activity teach children to say positive words before starting any activity. The use of positive words can be done by reciting aloud or reciting in the heart. Waking up in the morning is a good time to start all activities by saying a positive word. This behavior must be accustomed so that the child is trained to do it by itself.

What Is An Effective Positive Word?

Many positive words can be used by parents to be taught to children. As Muslims, we get used to children when we wake up in the morning starting with a prayer to wake up. Prayer is a positive word that very strongly affects the child’s mind when starting his activities. So every activity that children do, must start by saying positive words. Like saying the word; In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Merciful (basmalah). If the child is used to starting the behavior with the word, then any activity he does will be easy and fun. Children will feel happy and very happy to do their activities throughout the day with their parents and family.

Teach your child to start with a positive word, so his behavior will be amazing.

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