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The intelligence of a slow learner child who is rarely known


When we meet Alex, we’ll be happy because he’s a cheap kid smile. Many classmates were thrilled when they met to play with Alex. At the time of the break when the bell rang, all students immediately went out of class to rest. Some buy food at Canteen, some open food, some play on the field, some read books in the library and other rest activities. Unlike Alex, he is often in class to complete unfinished tasks. So his rest time has to be delayed by a few minutes, even sometimes Alex runs out of time off and he is still in class. Many of his friends were disappointed because they had to wait for Alex to finish, so they did not play because the rest hours ended.

What happened to Alex?

The habits that Alex does during recess are something different from his classmates, so the teacher feels he has to help to solve the problem that Alex is facing. After coordinating with the accompanying team, we immediately made observations and diagnoses of Alex’s behavior. From the day of diagnosis and psychological observation obtained the following data:

1. Alex rarely takes breaks with his friends because he doesn’t want to go out of class if his job isn’t done yet.

2. The task that was done was not completed because Alex’s ability to do the task given by the teacher was very slow.

3. The delay in completing the task is not due to Alex not paying attention, talking to himself, playing in class, there is visual impairment, or there are friends who disturb him.

4. From the results of observations and psychological diagnoses, Alex has the ability below the average child his age.

5. Below-average ability, among others; General knowledge skills, language skills, word comprehension skills, reading skills, writing skills, numeracy skills, concentration skills, and creative skills.

6. From these diagnoses Alex includes children who can slow learning, meaning the ability to learn something requires a relatively longer process than children his age.

7. Alex’s academic ability is below the average child his age.

8. Although Alex’s academic ability is below average, Alex’s behavior is very good to his friends.

9. Alex is a very attentive child with friends around him, if anyone needs help, he immediately helps without being told by the teacher.

10. Alex has academic shortcomings, but he’s very good.

How to accompany a slow learner?

If we have a child-like Alex then the first thing we have to do is be grateful and sincerely accept the condition of the child. Parents who are willing and able to accept their child’s condition will be very helpful in the long-term learning process. Parents who can reconcile with a slow learner child will have a strong endurance in caring for and accompanying him. When receiving the results of a diagnosis, parents must remain mentally strong, should not despair let alone be disappointed, and feel unable to accept it. The condition of parents who are mentally strong and have a positive thought about the child’s condition will be able to increase the child’s motivation. If the opposite then makes the child sad so that they do not have the motivation to learn.

So the main key to accompanying a slow learner child is to know the shortcomings and focus on supporting the advantages. Parents must have patience when accompanying their shortcomings and be excited when supporting their advantages. Whatever Alex’s condition, parents should not label him negatively like calling a child a slow learner. The condition of Ales deficiency is quite known to his parents only and his nature is secret. Parents should not label Alex a slow learner or lazy child when it takes him a long time to complete a task but focus on Alex’s patient attitude to complete the task until it is completed.

The two different points of view between the child and the parent must be irradiated into a positive mind, the parents understand the child patiently so that the child learns that patience from the attitude of his parents. Negative views from anyone towards Alex is a natural thing, no need to be treated by parents with emotions. Just focus on Alex’s strengths, then the negative views from other people will disappear by themselves

What are the advantages of a slow learner?

Slow learner children like Alex are very heavy to do daily tasks if parents do not support them completely. But if parents give their best then the advantages of slow learner children will grow to the maximum. When parents can see positively then Alex will have a strong mentality, he is very patient to complete his task, he feels humble and not arrogant, he also has good emotions when facing his condition. Alex sees things differently than his friends. If their friends get a hundred, they just feel happy. While Alex was able to solve all the problems on time, that was something he was grateful for.

This is the intelligence of Alex, a child with a slow learner category but has a tough mentality.

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