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The Impact and Danger of Squid Games for Children


Brainwashing and Squid Games

Every entertainment that is made has a purpose to give pleasure to its viewers. There are many entertainments that we can see such as movies, magic, comedy, drama, mime, talent contest, sports and many more. Through the very fast internet media, one of the most popular entertainment platforms is movies. Through the grip of android, we can surf to find movies that we like. Starting from children’s films to adult films, everything is available in full. Thousands of films are produced every day uploaded and watched on the internet. One genre of film that is very popular today is Korean drama or Korean film. One of them is a Korean film called Squid Game.

Can Squid Games be Watched by Children? 

The answer is of course no, because this is a Korean drama film that has an age rating of R + 18 (R: Restricted). So Children Under 17 Years Need Assistance from Parents or Adult Guardians. This rating means the film contains adult material such as adult activity, abusive language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity. That’s why shouldn’t kids watch Squid Games.

What Parents Should Do If Children Watch Squid Game?

You must ban your child and tell that this Korean drama film is not a show for children. But of course you also have to give reasons, right? the reason why this film should not be watched. So that your child understands and can avoid dangerous films like this.

What is Squid Games About?

This film tells the story of a group of people whose lives are desperate because they are in debt to fulfill their daily lives. In the Squid Game, 456 people are forced to join this game to get prizes to stay alive. Adults are quite simple and easy to do because it is a childhood game. However, this children’s game is framed with harsh and brutal scenes. This scene makes many people curious about this film.

“People are attracted by the irony that desperate adults risk their lives to play children’s games,” Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk said in a statement by the BBC, Friday (1/10/2021).

For people with secular understanding, it is a natural thing to survive by all means that can be achieved. Nothing matters are profit and money as well as wealth. How to make money can be anything important to make dollars. One way to make money to survive is by gambling. Using logic with small capital to get the biggest profit. Any model of any type of gambling made by the character in the squid game movie. Starting from betting on horse racing, gambling on doll houses, gambling on underground trains, and so on. The important thing is to make money to survive.

Dangers of watching Squid Games for kids

This film can brainwash children if there is no assistance from their parents. Especially in Indonesia, the squid game film is not by the religious culture of Indonesians. When this film was crowded on Indonesian social media, many people immediately forbade children not to see the squid game film. The main reason Indonesians are very clear is that the habit of gambling or playing with gambling is something that is strictly prohibited in Indonesian culture. Because parents in Indonesia are very strong with their respective religions. Even the main thing is that parents who are Muslim have the premise that people work in a lawful and good way, they should not deceive or deceive others. If people work to earn money by gambling, their life will be miserable in this world and the hereafter. People who gamble will live in the world in a despicable way, even live in misery. People who live by gambling, his mind can go crazy and even he will be stretched and congested. People who gamble will also be addicted when they win and will be curious when they lose. There is no money at all when one chooses a life of gambling to earn. The money he gets will be easily lost and when he will not despair with the desire to commit suicide.
The irony in this film is that someone’s way of life is bad, ends with the wrong solution.
This mistake is entertainment for adults but not entertainment for children
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