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The Difficulty of 7 Year Olds Adapting to The New Class


Alex has not been in class for one week. He often cried, fussy not wanting to enter the classroom following learning activities. He wants to go to class when given a Lego toy. After 30 minutes of playing Lego in a special room, Alex wants to be invited in by his teacher. When asked by the teacher, why wouldn’t you like to go to class? Not a single word came out of his mouth. Alex only wants to play Lego if he wants to enter the class. So to enter the class there must be a requirement to play first. When Alex’s wish is fed comes the next new condition. The essence of the conditions conveyed by Alex is to delay the time to directly enter the class.

With the above complaints, we make psychological observations to reveal the problems Alex is facing. After two weeks of observation, we find several different behaviors. These different behaviors include; Every day must follow his wishes, then only want to enter after one hour. Alex likes to play with Legos, and he likes to ask to be bought food or snacks before entering class.

Who is Alex?

Alex has a fairly good development with standard freedom capacity and is supported by high creativity. But child X often feels insecure in a new environment. He seems to be self-in-self-paced, less independent in acting or completing new tasks in new situations. This makes him less quickly adjust to the new environment. Alex has weaknesses in controlling his emotions. Alex tends to force himself when he wants something he has to get. If he doesn’t get something he wants, he’ll tantrum.

What’s the problem?

Alex’s fussy attitude before entering class is a way to get more attention from the parents who drive him. In addition, the need for child affection or feelings of wanting to be loved is very lacking when at home. This shows that there is a relationship between Alex and both parents who are less harmonious with less dialogue between family members.

How to help him?

Parents must work together to carry out new parenting that has been improved and evaluated. Parents should be able to communicate and dialogue both ways and Q&A with Alex to better understand what he wants out of the house to visit public places, entertainment venues, sports venues and some new places to get used to quickly adapting and adjusting. To channel his penchant for playing Lego, parents can accompany children when buying the game. Get used to Alex not being self-made while playing Lego. There should be a friend or person to talk to or discuss Lego games. The existence of this friend or person can be used to stimulate Alex to be able to compete, compete, share, discuss and adapt with new people. New activity patterns for Alex must be accompanied by parents and experts. This new activity is carried out gradually, under progress. If there has been a change in the behavior of Alex then the new activity must be continued in a disciplined manner to achieve maximal results.

Note; Alex is the pseudonym

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