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The Best Therapies for Psychological and Physical Health


In the world of health, we know many types and models of therapy. Starting from old, new, or modified upgraded to be more effective. In general, the fermented type is divided into two models. First is therapy for physical and second is psychic therapy, but as science develops, the third type of therapy that combines several types of therapy into one is called holistic therapy. All existing therapies aim to improve and maintain human health. Because humans are creatures that are very vulnerable to various types of diseases. Health therapy is done as an effort to maintain, prevent, treat and restore the body from diseases, both physical and mental illness.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is one type of therapy that is effective in using water. Water is one of the important components in the human body that acts as detoxification, relaxation, and improves circulation because it is needed for life. Naturally, waterworks perfectly to maintain the balance of body fitness, is not allergic to the body, easy to obtain, and not cheap.

This therapy is very easy for anyone, anytime and anywhere. Starting from infants, children, adults, and parents can easily do. This therapy is not only used to help maintain a person’s physical health but is also able to take care of psychological health at once. This therapy uses water media as the main ingredient in the implementation process. The type of water used is mineral water that maintains cleanliness and sanctity. We cannot use water that is dirty, smelly, tasteful, and polluted. The temperature of the water used can adjust to the function of the use of therapy. Hydrotherapy can use water with warm temperatures, can also use water with cold temperatures, or a combination of warm and cold water. But in normal temperatures, mineral water can still be used for therapy.

What are the types of hydrotherapy?

This type of hydrotherapy uses a water temperature function there are 5 types.
  • First, use hot water temperatures for relaxation in the muscles of adults who experience tense conditions after strenuous activity.
  • Both relaxations use warm water for relaxation in infants when bathing.
  • The third uses cold water to be applied with a towel and is used to compress the impacted and swollen body.
  • The fourth is the combination of heat and cold for therapy in adults who experience mild stroke symptoms to stimulate nerves.
  • Fifth is water with a normal temperature or room temperature that we can use at any time and anytime.

How easy is hydrotherapy to do?

Hydrotherapy that we can easily do is to use mineral water at a normal temperature. We can do it at any time when we need it. This model of therapy is called wudhu, for a Muslim wudhu is a habit that is done every day. At least a Muslim performs wudhu five times before performing prayers. The first time after waking up at 04.00 am, the second during the lunch break at 12.00, the third at 15:00, the fourth at 18:00 and the last at 18:00, and the last at the beginning of the evening at 19:00. At the fifth time that the body’s metabolic process undergoes much-needed relaxation. Not only physically does the body need relaxation but the psychic needs time for relaxation as well.

The stages of performing ablution are as follows:

1. Intention to perform ablution by saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

2. Provide mineral water at normal temperature

3. Clean the palms by rubbing the sidelines of the fingers thoroughly with Water

4. Clean the mouth by gargling and rubbing between teeth and tongue using fingers

5. Inhaling water into the nasal cavity then giving it with the fingertips

6. Clean the face starting forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin thoroughly with Water

7. Clean the palms up to the arms and elbows evenly with water

8. Wiping the head from front to back of the neck continued by cleaning the earlobe and ear-opening until clean using the fingertips with mineral water

9. Clean the soles of the feet to the feet by rubbing using the hand’s gentian right foot and left foot using mineral water

10. Lastly closed by praying

The wudhu stage above is done only takes approximately five to ten minutes. But the impact felt by the physical and psychological of someone who has done it is extraordinary. All organs of the body that are used for an activity for several hours undergo relaxation stimulation to refresh physical and psychological conditions to get back in shape as before. For 24 watches and feet do their activities to meet the needs of someone without stopping. Eyes, ears, nose, respond to all kinds of stimulation of several thousand things ranging from waking up to going back to sleep. And our mind moves the whole body to respond to or not respond to every single thing all activities during our lifetime.

What are the benefits for our body?

So all the body activities for 24 hours are very heavy, very much with the burden of work that accumulates, the burden of problems that are very complex from the time we wake up to sleep so it decomposes naturally with hydrotherapy called wudhu.

By doing wudhu at least five times a day is the best therapy for children’s activities and family activities to maintain, care for a physical condition to stay primed and fit. Similarly, the psychic condition is weak, bored, lazy, hopeless, helpless. By ablution, at least five times a day can cleanse, refresh a person’s psychic condition to get excited again, have high motivation, and the mind becomes refreshed. The body grows naturally so that it is perfectly healthy.

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