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Mental Hectic in Children | Question and Answer


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Q: Here’s, according to observations while studying directly, my son is active and has a lot of behavior. When faced with today’s online school, he has to face the laptop constantly. I don’t think he’s happy if he goes online.

Q: Before going to school, my child’s activities aren’t yet crowded. When he first entered, he was surprised because of his many activities.

Q: He often said that his learning materials were a lot of, Every day of learning. Morning, evening, a night of continuous study.

Q: How to let my son learn it.

Q: My son likes to learn, He is surprised because the volume is mostly.

Q: I sometimes fear that I put too much pressure on the child.

Q: Apologies in advance for the long venting, Nanny 🙏

A: Alhamdulillah Alex is a child who is active and likes new things.

A: Elementary school-age children in grade 1 are transitioning from kindergarten to elementary school, so requiring adaptation to the material feels solid.

A: Children enjoy learning when practicing directly, meeting with friends, and experiencing it

A: During zoom, children only as spectators and loyal listeners, so for active children, this is very boring

A: Children love to learn in their ways, and the way children learn is very diverse.

A: For children with a visual learning style. They enjoy learning by seeing and observing all the things around them.

A: When learning through zoom, children only observe all things in one way only through zoom, it makes children experience saturation, mental chaos called Mental Hectic

A: When accompanying Alex, a mother can give time to rest, you can see, if Alex can not sit quietly then immediately rest

Q: That’s it. Previously thank you for your enlightenment.

Q: It just so happened that my initial entry was accompanied because I’ve been to work with my brother at home.

A: If there is a substitute companion, It is better to brief the substitute first. So they understand how the condition of the children when they are online.

Q: Every night study with me he often confided. If the beginning of the break for me is sad. He saw a friend who could have been there before. He was independent first, he often said he wasn’t smart like his friend he said. I love the explanation the more here he has cooled.

Q: Because maybe when he was in kindergarten he was a decent kid… so when he met superior friends, he felt inferior.., Please give tips on how he becomes confident again?.

A: His friend who is already independent is still subjective, … Mandiri can complete itself, or independently complete with the help of a companion. Adjusting the condition of each house

Q: Thank God. Thank you for your enlightenment.

Q: One more thing about giving and making material for my handle in accompanying learning

A: Material for escorts or parents when studying online.

Q: Is it okay when we love the material that should be for the size of my child, although not yet the time I give. The purpose is to introduce Alex. But so far it has caused Alex to dislike his material because he does not understand. How did

respond? ………… Thanks

A: Yes, mother, it’s a symptom of Mental Hectic, For example, Children have not time to read, write and count, but it has been forced to learn the material. At that time the child’s condition was good. But in the future, he can experience fatigue, saturation, boredom or chaos,… This is a characteristic of mental hectic

Q: How to solve this hectic mental? Whether as a companion should be stopped first. For material that has not been given or can continue with an explanation? Because I’m afraid that giving the wrong lesson. It could cause my child to dislike, when in fact he likes the material just maybe the wrong level.

A: Right Mother

A: The provision of subject matter must be seen by measuring the child’s ability. Some children can be fast, moderate, or the ability to be slow in receiving material.

A: When we know our child is positioned to have moderate or slow ability. So do not give too much subject matter that is not yet the time

A: First complete the subject matter that has been given to the child, by observing his condition.

A: When he is finished with one material then excited to continue to the next level. Then it can continue.

A: This depends not only on the companion but also depends on the presenter of the material or the teacher. Some teacher has a different character.

A: One of the keys to children learning online is, the countryside must be happy first. A companion or parent should be able to take care of the child’s care. If they are happy, then any material InshaAllah is easy to understand.

Q: Noted, thank you very much for sharing …🙏🙏

A: you are welcome,🙏

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