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Living With ADHD Children Who Have Superior Visual Intelligence


Some parents are gifted with having a child with ADHD. Few parents can treat ADHD children patiently. Every child is born with its advantages and disadvantages. If parents are given children with certain advantages then easily parents will be happy and able to take good care of them. But not all parents can care for children with their shortcomings. Just like parents who have children with ADHD.

How do parents accept ADHD?

Parents should have the perception that every child born into a family is the best trust of Allah SWT. Although there are families with children who physically and psychologically have abnormal conditions like in general children his age. Because actually, the shortcomings that the child has are advantages that other children do not have. If parents already have a positive perception of the child’s condition, then the toughest thing that children and families will go through will be easy. So when parents are destined to have ADHD children then the family should accept as well as possible instead of rejecting or ignoring his presence.

What about families with ADHD?

In this case, we will discuss Alexa a child with ADHD. After a series of psychological observations and diagnoses, it was concluded that Alexa had severe stage ADHD. In everyday home Alexa is a very active child, there are some tutoring activities after returning home has been prepared by parents to add Alexa activities. When at school Alexa rarely wants to sit quietly on her brother. He’d rather move somewhere else. As the lesson progressed Alexa was happier with drawing activities. Alexa also rarely talks to her friends and prefers to sit alone. Often the tasks written by the teacher are written can not be done in a row by Alexa. He prefers to draw and keep drawing. If there is a friend who wants to invite her to play or talk, Alexa is silent without a voice. Alexa only wants to talk to people she knows. Every day the activities of reading, writing, and counting in school are never completed so Alexa misses the lesson. When a friend or teacher reminds Alexa to sit down to do a task that is on the writing, she immediately feels uncontrollable emotions. If the more reminded firmly then the more fight so that there is an uncontrollable tantrum.

Every day Alexa just likes to draw whatever book is in her bag. Even if the open in the bag has been exhausted in the picture so he drew the bench in front of him. When the bench was fully drawn, he moved to draw his chair. When the teacher learned of this incident immediately moved Alexa to sit in front of the teacher. Even though she was moved in front of the teacher, Alexa still couldn’t sit quietly. Alex instead drew the teacher’s tablecloth until it looked like a batik motif. Because parents, teachers, and families are already overwhelmed, they need cooperation with therapists.

How do we help ADHD?

Knowing the conditions, circumstances, habits of Alexa above then we can do several treatments gradually as follows:
  1. Give the teacher a shadow to accompany Alexa during class learning activities
  2. Work with classroom teachers, students, and parents to help Alexa.
  3. Use diagnostic results and psychological observations to perform appropriate treatment.
  4. Channel Alexa’s excess energy with extra activities such as futsal, basketball, swimming, badminton, and several other sports.
  5. Teach Alexa to speak softly with clear intonation
  6. Train Alexa to hold and use stationery properly.
  7. Provide enough blank paper as a medium to facilitate drawing activities that are very favored by Alexa
  8. When Alexa finds it difficult to speak in person, it can be conveyed through writing. When writing is also not able to, Alexa can convey her thoughts and feelings through drawing.
  9. Especially when doing the exam, Alexa is accompanied by a shadow teacher or therapist to help Alexa understand the exam question and then done
  10. If Alexa already understands the material but cannot answer with writing then the shadow teacher or therapist can direct Alexa to answer it by drawing.
  11. The process of answering by drawing must be helped by a therapist to read the exam question and then illustrate it into a story. This story illustration makes it easy for Alexa to visualize by drawing.
  12. After the problem is visualized into an image, then the therapist will give the problem through images that have been made by Alexa.
  13. It is through this image that Alexa can work on the problem in a very different way from her friends.
  14. The process of turning a problem into a story then into a picture takes a relatively long time. That’s why we provide time that suits Alexa needs.
At the beginning of this treatment given to Alexa, the team takes a relatively long time. Need extra cooperation between children, parents, shadow teachers, or therapists. Support from all parties involved is also very helpful for the treatment process can be successful or not. Alhamdulillah after several times doing the above process gradually and continuously, finally Alexa can do the problem according to his ability. The team did not provide a target value that burdened Alexa because it already knew the shortcomings. But the team provided support by directing Alexa to hone her drawing skills in an even better direction. Alexa’s visual and graphics capabilities are amazing. Because that’s the advantage that Alexa, a child living with ADHD

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