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Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD), Mental Disorder Pandemic in Children


Call it Free Fire, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Roblox Game, and Clash of Clans. The children will certainly react excitedly. Some shouted, some immediately commented, some were very excited, some immediately beamed and some cheered with joy. That is the general response of children today. When we talk about online games with great enthusiasm they will respond.

How can this happen?

The condition of online learning is a shortcut for children to be able to access online games freely. For a variety of reasons, ranging from boredom, boredom, laziness, and unattractive if you only study online. Parents were finally permitted to play online games during breaks. Parents argue to eliminate boredom and boredom when children learn online. Because children can’t meet their friends directly, they can only play online. The goal is that it is natural that when children study online, during recess, they also play online with their friends. Without realizing it, our children enter the world of online games.

What are the effects of online games on children?

Since online games were created to this day nothing positive has been found in children. Even the world champions of online games who earn achievements and prizes of billions of rupiah end up with mental disorders. This mental disorder is an internet gaming disorder.

Until we write this article, it is very difficult to find data on the number of sufferers of internet gaming disorder. However, looking at the number of online game users, we can draw assumptions about the estimated number of people with internet gaming disorder. We take the example of a popular game free fire, Free Fire has set a record with more than 100 million daily active users worldwide. The data is only a sampling of one game and not other games. If 1% of online game users are assumed to suffer from internet gaming disorder, then there are 1 million children whose future is in danger.

Even though WHO declares gaming disorder as a mental disorder, in fact not many parents know the condition of their child who is experiencing internet gaming disorder. The impact of someone who is addicted to online games or internet-based videos is FATAL. Children who are addicted, in addition to being physically damaged, also experience structural changes and permanent damage to brain function.

What are the symptoms of children with internet gaming disorder?

In general, the impact of online game addiction is threefold, the first is damage to brain function, the second is damage to physical function and the third is mental damage to children. Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), internet gaming disorder has the following characteristics:

1. Preoccupation with internet games, internet gaming becomes the main daily activity.

2. Signs of withdrawal when internet gaming is kept away from him.

3. Desire, need to increase the amount of time to play internet games.

4. Failing to control self-reliance in internet gaming.

5. Loss of interest in previous hobbies and hobbies except internet gaming.

6. Continuing to excessively use internet gaming despite knowing the psychosocial impact it causes.

7. Lying to family and therapists regarding the length of time playing internet gaming.

8. Using internet gaming to escape from negative moods (such as feeling helpless, guilty, and anxious).

9. Have a dangerous relationship or have almost lost his enthusiasm for learning, friends, or achievement opportunities because of his involvement in internet gaming.

If our children already have the behavioral characteristics above, then as parents we must have a concern to save their future.

How do parents behave?

Give figures, examples, and examples to our children and families on how to wisely use internet media. Next, approach children intensively because they need friends to play with. The presence of parents is needed by children today. Don’t let our children feel lonely, alone, and with no one to accompany them. Accompany our children to play, accompany our children to tell stories, accompany our children to talk, accompany our children on adventures in their world. If parents are already in the hearts of children, then online games are not interesting for children. Because the most interesting thing that can make them excited is meeting their parents to spend their childhood happily.
Being a good friend to children is a simple thing that can save their future.

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