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When he was about to go on Hajj to the holy land of Mecca, my father said goodbye to me and would return home with a gift after the Hajj. Dad told Alex to always pray on time, diligently learn and help mothers at home. Alex feels sad as well as happy to mix into one. I’m very close to Alex in everyday life. Whenever there is free time, dad always invites Alex to cycle around the housing complex. Dad was also happy to invite Alex to the office. There were outbound activities. Alex is very close to his father because he is his only son. Both parents were desperate to get Alex. It takes a ten-year process to have children. Until finally Alex was born, the child who has awaited his presence.

The time to leave for Hajj has finally arrived. Dad said goodbye to Alex, then from Soekarno hatta airport went to the holy city of Mecca. When he left for Jakarta, my father’s condition was healthy. But when he arrived in Jakarta, Dad had a heart attack. Unconscious, the hajj committee took him to the hospital. Alex’s father died in the process of handling. The news was delivered to the family at Surabaya.

Alex’s mother looked sock when she received the news so she couldn’t say anything. When the body arrived at the funeral home, Alex was shocked and couldn’t believe that the deceased was his father. The mother tried to calm down to explain her father’s sudden death. But Alex still couldn’t believe what his mother was saying.

After the burial process is complete, the whole family returns to their homes. Now at home, only Alex lives with his mother. The condition of the house is quiet. Quiet after being left by his father makes Alex is unable to accept. A week after his father’s death, Alex had a new habit in the afternoon. He was happy to be in the area where Alex played and talked to his father.

Alex’s mother was suspicious of hearing people speaking on the terrace. she felt like Alex was talking to his neighbors. With curiosity, mom tried to see directly from a place Alex didn’t see. The shocked mother couldn’t help but feel sad then cried to leave the place. She felt sorry to see Alex speaking alone on the terrace as if he was talking to his father. Alex still thinks his father is still alive. So he can be invited to play with him. Alex asks about his father and asks for the gift he once promised.

see the incident, Alex’s mother felt her heart was broken helpless to know the condition of her only child become like that. It has often been reminded that the father figure Alex spoke to at the terrace, was another creature, not your father. Your father is now in the grave and can’t go back. Alex’s habit lasted until he entered elementary school. She was desperate for Alex’s habits.

Unexpected events finally appeared at school. Alex scares his schoolmates as he speaks for himself. His friend thinks that Alex is a strange child, scary so shunned. The teacher finally intervened to help Alex’s problems. Alex then tells his teacher that his father never died and is still alive with him. The school becomes so horrified by Alex’s behavior that all assume that Alex is an Indigo child.

To help Alex, a team of creative parenting immediately move.
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