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The incident at school made Alex’s mother feel anxious and worried. Every month there must be unexpected events when Alex is at school. The incident took place in several places. Sometimes in class, on the school page, at the canteen, even in the bathroom. To help Alex, the teacher invited parents to school to talk about the incident. After discussing several times, the parents finally agreed to help Alex by providing a mentoring team.

What’s going on in Alex’s?

The escort team immediately moved to gather data and information. To get complete and accurate information, the accompanying team diagnoses through psychological observation and assessment. Through several stages, the following information is:
  1. Alex often speaks to himself when no friends want to play with him.
  2. Alex feels that the friend he is talking to is his father.
  3. Alex does it in a quiet place.
  4. When there is unfinished work, Alex often talks to his father for help.
  5. During the midterm assessment exam and the end-of-semester assessment, Alex’s behavior is increasingly common.
  6. When out-of-class activities for camping or outbound, Alex’s behavior gets out of hand
  7. From several incidents. Alex talks to his father as well as Alex is in a trance. find the cause of the behavior.
  8. The originator of Alex’s behavior is a stressor that Alex is unable to deal with, so he brings up the behavior to get the help and attention of those around him.
  9. The stressor includes; When playing he cannot blend in with his friends because his will must always be followed (the effect of an only child). When the midterm assessment exam and the end-of-semester exam. He could not do because of difficulty answering questions. When in the cafeteria, he didn’t want to queue to pay for food and wanted to come first. When on the ground, he wants to play only with his closest friends. When in the bathroom, he did not want to go in alone and asked for company. When camping outside school, he asked to go home unable to sleep because of the cold and bite mosquitoes.

What is the cause of this behavior?

From the diagnosis results. it was concluded that Alex’s behavior talking to his father or suddenly possessing was a form of abreaction behavior. Alex’s abreaction elicits emotions by recalling the psychic trauma of the past when his father died. The charge of negative emotions from the subconscious mind then overflows in the form of speech (talking to his father) and possessed behavior when there are camping activities outside of school. Alex’s behavior is divided into two types. First, heavy abreaction behavior such as crying, yelling, hitting, punching, squeezing, watering, clawing, biting, and even kicking. Second, the behavior of mild abreaction when Alex talks to his father himself. After the abreaction behavior appeared and came out all over, Alex felt relieved and relaxed.

How do we help him?

The escort team then told Alex’s mother to understand and understand the cause of Alex’s behavior. The team gathered everyone close to Alex while in school. Then it provides a way to help Alex when his abreaction behavior arises. The first is to find a special place to do treatment on Alex when there is a break. The second explained to Alex what he was going through. The third trained Alex’s ability to solve his problems well. The fourth gives Alex an understanding that the deceased can never come back to life, all who live in this world will experience death. Humans will die, plants will die, animals will die and the whole universe will die.

No need to be afraid of death, but prepare the best provision when going to death. Because death is never unexpected, no one knows when, where, and how we will die.
Everyone alive will feel dead.
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