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How to Get Rid of Diaper Addiction in Children


The inventor of diapers was to help parents who were having babies. The disposable baby diaper we know today was first invented by Marion Donovan. She makes diapers because of the problems she faced when she had a baby. Every night the baby often urinates in bed, making the mattress become wet and smells bad. From that problem, Marion D made diapers to solve the problem. So when the baby sleeps at night then suddenly urinating in the room is no longer a problem because there are already diapers that accommodate it.

There are cases of diaper addiction in children. Let’s say child X is 11 years old, male with a weight of 80 kg and physically healthy there are no abnormalities, diseases, or nervous disorders in his bladder according to the results of the doctor’s diagnosis but child X has not been able to remove his diaper. Her parents just let child X remove the diaper if she was embarrassed to wear it. Although because parents consider wearing diapers as a practical solution to solve the problem of bed drinking in children X. so parents can only surrender when their children go where to use diapers.

How can a child get addicted to diapers?

The habit of parents allowing children to pee in diapers to be the trigger. When child X wants to pee parents do not direct him to urinate in the bathroom. When the child can already talk when he wants to pee, parents still let their child pee in diapers. Parenting of parents who do not teach toilet training since childhood has an impact on children’s habits. The habit of children who repeatedly urinate in diapers makes lazy behavior urinate in the bathroom. Lazy behavior urinating in the bathroom makes children addicted to diapers every day. Every time they are out of the house, child X often wears diapers. As child X grows older and gets older, the baby’s diaper is replaced with an adult diaper. Although adult diapers should be used for elderly people who are already sick and cannot hold urine. But switching functions are used by child X when doing activities outside the home. Child X feels insecure when he leaves the house not wearing adult diapers because if he wants to pee and cannot hold it, he can pee in the car.

What should parents do with a child who has a Diaper habit?

Parents should immediately change the parenting that allows child X to pee in diapers. Parents must strengthen themselves, force, and discipline child X with the correct toilet training. Parents set an example and educate child X to clean themselves properly. Give knowledge to child X when the urine is dirty and should be thrown in the toilet. Next parents give examples of how to pee correctly in the bathroom. Starting from entering the bathroom, in the bathroom, the correct urinary position with squatting, cleaning yourself well with soap, to finish cleaning yourself and making sure his body is sterile from urine. Simulation and practice directly in the bathroom to give themselves and pee properly greatly help children how people should pee properly. Education to children to change the habit of pee in diapers by urinating in the bathroom is an effect to solve the child’s addiction to diapers. Treatment done by parents must get assistance from experts so that when doing several stages of parenting changes can run correctly and effectively.

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