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Effective Ways to Solve Serious Problems


When we do a lot of work in our daily lives, we do a lot. To do each of these things we must choose every stimulation that we must respond to. In the twenty-four hours of human life, we respond to billions of information every second. We must be able to respond well to every event that we are and will experience. Of these billions of stimulations, we must have the ability to choose to do or not to do. Choosing to respond to stimulation or not responding to it, even we let it, we just ignore the stimulation that is in front of us without us knowing.

What stimulation do we experience?

Since we wake up from sleep at night, the entire human senses will automatically refresh themselves and reactivate. When we wake up from sleep, the function of all the five senses automatically responds to everything around us.

Starting from vision (eye) begins to be able to see again responding to the stimulation of light that enters the eye. Hearing (ear) can hear responding to the stimulation of sound waves that propagate through the air and then enter the eardrum. Smell (nose) is a respiratory system that acts as air circulation while responding to the stimulation of aroma or smell. As a gaseous object, the smell blends into one with other gases in the air. When we breathe breathing air, the smell goes into the nose. Odor stimulation will be received by the nerve endings of the repairer and passed to the olfactory center and the confounding nerve. Taste buds (tongue), have many functions to taste a variety of flavors such as salty, sweet, spicy to bitter. When we eat food every day, the tongue responds to the taste in the food then helps swallow it. The tongue also helps us communicate to respond to conversations with people around us. Sense of touch (skin), has the function of responding to changes in ambient temperature that can rise and fall. When the body feels hot the skin will respond by cooling it. When the body feels cold, the skin will respond by warming it.

All these complex functions can run precisely in response to all the stimulation we encounter.

How do we handle our responses well?

The five senses we use to respond to every stimulation don’t always work properly. Often we feel good and bad things just pass by. Even in conditions of severe stress, we are unable to respond to anything. We tend to desperately feel like ending our lives because we are unable to solve the problems that exist. This condition occurs because we are not able to use the senses properly. Everything we respond to only fulfills desire and pleasure. We can’t tell the difference between good and bad. No matter it’s good or bad everything that pleases our immediate response. If the senses often respond to negative things, it has a bad impact on mental development. By controlling all the functions of the senses that are extraordinary for positive things will be able to solve problems so easily. The perfection of the sensory function possessed by man, beyond all heavy stressors, if we understand it.

How do we maximize the function of the senses?

Control of all the functions of the human five senses lies in the heart. The human heart has both physical and psychic functions. The physical function of the heart is very important for the health of the body because humans cannot regulate the circulation of the body without the heart. The heart is an antibody system or the body’s defense against various diseases that may attack the body. The heart also produces red blood cells. These red blood cells in a matter of months will be destroyed so it takes the heart to form new red blood cells. The heart serves as a poison antidote for everything we consume every day. And some of the functions of the heart are very vital for humans.

The second is the psychic function of the heart. The heart is the king who moves the body to perform a behavior, if the heart is good (positive) then all the senses and body will be moved to do good things, while if the heart is bad (negative) then of course it will also bring the senses and the body performs bad behavior. The heart is the main key to improving human behavior in using the senses to function properly.

How to maintain heart function?

Do as many things as possible in our daily lives. Then avoid as many negative things as possible that tempt us to do so. Training yourself to get used to positive thinking starts with good heart control. Without good control of the heart, human behavior will appear that will directly or indirectly destroy itself. Many people experience severe depression because they cannot solve their life problems and lead to death (suicide). Not being able to finish it, but we do not get used to doing positive things in our daily lives.

All humans have the same time, but not all humans can use the heart function well.

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