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Bisexual Superman: Superhero with a deviant sexual behavior disorder


As a child, we were very happy to read the story of the hero who had a comic book. Even when the hero’s story is filmed then very many viewers want to see it through the big screen movie. Call it the story of Gundala son of lightning, Indonesian children of the 80s era is very familiar with this figure. How Gundala was born from child to adult becomes a hero with the power of lightning. He helped the weak oppressed get justice.

Who was the 90s child hero?

Entering the era of the 90s, entered the story of imported heroes from Europe who also have power. Call it superman, batman, hulk, flash, ironman, and so on is very popular by the child Indonesia that year. The hero character from Marvel is very inspiring Indonesian children. Their characters who like to help the weak fight crime are in high demand for children. Then the following year these heroes underwent many changes in the design of the costume look that was very interesting and very futuristic.

How are our heroes today?

Not only does the appearance of the hero’s costume that changes, but the storyline is made new with the current situation. There are several parts then appear to be new heroes with a new and fresh story. After the hero’s story changes, the next is the enemy heroes also change appear some villains or antagonist figures who hunt and kill the heroes.

The story of the hero in the comics above is a recycling of a fictional story that has been going on for decades. To continue the story, a new story must be made even though the hero and the enemy are the same. But when it is not interesting then a new hero and a new enemy are made. If it is still less interesting, then a new story must be made. The story of the hero becomes a villain or vice versa the villain becomes a hero as in the story of Venom.

What happened with the childhood hero?

Venom is an improvised villain character turned hero. The next story is Superman who becomes the villain. After the villain and hero swap roles in each other appear the next latest version. The new version is titled, Bisexual Superman. This new figure appears in the time of the pandemic that is sweeping the world. Many people have died as a result of this pandemic. World leaders are calling for a new life they call the new normal. Because it emerged the new variant hero of the new normal.

How do parents treat it?

After the Hero swaps places with the villain, the Hero appears with an abnormal character. Not only does it help the weak, but this new hero teaches life in the new normal in an abnormal way. In response to the rise of bisexual superman, is not surprising because the entertainment industry needs an audience. While viewer requires entertainment and thrilling sensations. Through this bisexual superman fans of new heroes are invited into a new world called the new normal.

So as parents we must be vigilant to maintain the understanding of the child’s mind, that the good hero is still there, the normal hero is still there. Avoid and stay away from abnormal Heroes as they can cause followers to become abnormal as well.

Being a wise parent can provide good examples. Having a hero for that child is natural. On the condition of choosing a hero of normal character and morality is not an abnormal and immoral hero. Abnormal superhero deviant sexual behavior is not for our child.

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