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What is childhood-onset fluency disorder? | Causes and how to overcome them


Childhood onset fluency disorder

Stuttering is also called a disorder of fluency in childhood speech. Stuttering is a speech disorder that involves frequent and significant problems with normal smooth speech. People who stutter know what they want to say, but have a hard time saying it. Stuttering children also have a lack of self-confidence when communicating with their friends. Because stuttering children are often the subject of bullying in the environment where they learn and play. Stuttering children are often considered funny and unique children. So that friends around him have a high year of wanting to find out what causes his way of speaking to break up sounds funny.

The way a stuttering child talks often sounds broken up. Then repeat back one to two words continuously again until finished until complete in one sentence of the conversation intact. A child’s stuttering speech time often requires a long process when delivering a sentence. Tempo delivered orally often sounds like people are finishing exercising. A normal person also needs a break to regulate breathing when speaking in a state of active activity. This condition describes the characteristics of a natural stuttering child or stuttering because it participates. A normal child suddenly can become stuttering when in psychic conditions he is depressed, then continued with tantrums. Then the way the child speaks will turn into a stutter during the tantrum.

What causes a child to stutter?

Children become stuttering when growing up experiencing problems with the function of the speech nerve. There are also children experiencing stuttering due to congenital or genetic factors of male or female parents whose families have similar conditions. This stuttering condition is seen from the age of two years to five years. If at that time the process of speech development does not experience normal development, then it can be ascertained that the child is experiencing problems in speaking or called stuttering.

How do parents help their children stutter?

If stuttering is caused by genetic factors or nervous disorders then immediately consult a pediatrician. But if it is not caused by these two things then we can help by providing treatment to teach speech with clear intonation and a normal tempo. Teach the child to stutter to control the conversation when talking to be relaxed and calm when speaking unlike people out of breath. It can also be done by practicing listening to the other person with a slow tempo so that children are used to listening to the opponent speak completely. Furthermore, children can also be encouraged when breeding and communicating with friends so that he feels comfortable and confident in expressing his opinion. If something goes wrong when it boils down there is no need to rush to correct but remain calm give the child’s trust to correct his own wrong words. This assistance is done gradually, then we reduce slowly so that the child does not depend on his parents. This process is done repeatedly until the repair is seen speaking. We can see from the wording conveyed to intonation how to convey calmly and casually.

To train the mouth to relax, parents can teach children to stutter with oral gymnastics using chewing gum or similar materials. Starting from how to chew with a slow tempo then raised with a medium tempo to a fast tempo. Worming up until the child feels relaxed and relaxed. Starching This can be done before the child starts talking with friends or people around him. Good luck…..

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