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Social Phobia and Social Anxiety | Explanations, Differences, Causes and Solutions


Have you ever heard of a social disorder such as social phobia? If you’ve heard of it then you may also be familiar with social anxiety, but did you know that social phobia and social anxiety are two different things? maybe some people think these 2 things are synonymous even though there are several factors, conditions, and symptoms that can distinguish the two things. Curious about a more detailed explanation? let’s see the following article ~happy reading

Social Phobia or Social Anxiety?

Today, many people are afraid to leave the house. Do not want to interact with others, do not want to go to crowded places, do not want to queue in the crowd, do not want to defend in the mall, not for fear of meeting someone or afraid of the place. This fear of interacting is more dominant because of the amount of information a person receives on social media. This frightening information contains about a virus that can kill humans in a short time. This very massive information affects the minds of people who read it many times. This condition I call social media hypnosis. Most people are very easily influenced by the information spread on social media. So that social media can be one of the causes of the rise of mental illness called social phobia.

When social phobia disorder appears to be social anxiety as a form of mental disorder that cannot be separated between the symptoms of social anxiety and social phobia, there is little difference that we can observe. The former refers to the fears and anxieties experienced during social interactions, while the second includes the fears and insecurities associated with public spaces. What people experience social anxiety is also referred to as social interaction anxiety. We see that people with social phobia often suffer from anxiety when they meet new people. In general, people with social anxiety disorder are caused by the socialization of direct communication. While social phobia occurs when someone in a situation feels uncomfortable and anxious when in public.

How’s the current situation?

Fear is now spreading rapidly in the community, then there is one way and prevention advice called self-isolation. This self-isolation was originally to prevent the spread of the virus that developed rapidly, but the reality is that this pandemic is inevitable. This self-isolation solution has various impacts, ranging from education, business, industry, politics, culture, and society. Also worrying is the impact mentally on someone who is self-isolated. The main purpose of self-isolation is to avoid contact with other humans to prevent the spread of the virus. But the more people do self-isolation, the person cannot even be independent.

Why did this happen?

When a person isolates himself, the person will be directly limited in activities. Starting from work must be from home, exercise from home, shopping from home, eating and drinking from home. So to support the life of someone who does self-isolation, it is needed support from others. Daily needs such as shopping, eating, and drinking must be someone who delivers home so that more and more people need to come home to deliver shopping, food, drinks, vitamins, medicines, and so on. So it can be concluded that the more people do self-isolation, then the person is increasingly independent because more and more need the help of others to support their needs during self-isolation.

How do we deal with social phobia?

There must be a strong mentality and great courage to face today’s conditions. Staying positive thinking using common sense makes someone who experiences social phobia can understand the actual condition. Not only does he live in his mind, he lives in his feelings, lives in his perceptions. A person with such conditions causes social phobia behavior that does not find a solution. The best treatment a person with social phobia can do is to get out of feelings of fear, anxiety, disturbing feelings, and train themselves to always think positively about whatever is being faced. Whether it is a small, medium, or big problem, everything will be resolved with a feeling of calm, peace, and happiness.
“There is nothing on earth and in the sky that can imagine us except our minds that create that danger”
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