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The Ghost power of the Red Hand

Disclaimer: This article has no intention and purpose to blame a particular profession.

For Indonesian people, the discussion of indigo children is a very interesting and popular thing for many people. Indonesian society’s culture is very thick with many rituals in everyday life. This ritual is one of the keys so that the desire and hopes that are intended are achieved. To be successful and smooth in completing an activity, certain rituals are performed. Because with the ritual is believed there will be certain forces that can help smooth the activity. The general perception of Indonesian society still considers indigo children to have certain powers. This power can give many people hope to solve life problems that are difficult to solve.

There are several types of powers that indigo children have that can be used to help. Some have the power to heal the sick, some have the power to see the future, some have the power to see astral beings, some have the power to communicate with supernatural beings, some can read one’s mind, some have the power to listen to long distances and some other extraordinary power.

In this case surgery, we discuss one of the abilities of indigo children who have the power to be able to see astral beings or ghosts. Call it child X, in daily activities at home, school, and public places often suddenly feel anxious, frightened, and cry because they see ghostly sightings in some places. When at home he often saw some kind of ghost, in the dining room he saw pocong, in the guest room he saw kuntilanak, in the kitchen saw gendruwo, he saw tuyul, on the second floor he saw the ghost of red hands and several other places were also the same. When he was in school he also experienced the same thing, in various places he saw several types of ghost sightings that were different, and also in other places were the same. But there was one type of ghost that he was very afraid of was the red-handed ghost.

After diagnostic and psychological observation holistically. The condition experienced by child X is not an advantage. This child is experiencing severe anxiety disorders. Based on the data we get after making psychological observations, we do diagnose and map the problem. From the diagnosis for approximately one month then we find some causes of anxiety disorder experienced by child X.

The cause of the emergence of child X behavior often sees creepy astral beings are caused by parenting patterns carried out at home.

What is the parenting model?

Every day child X is always left by both parents to work, except on the holidays of child X day with both parents. When at home child X is entrusted to his caregiver when the parents work. When leaving school, child X is escorted by his parents to work and when he comes home with a school shuttle. Arriving at the child’s home X was accompanied by his nanny. When with the caregiver, improper parenting is given to the child.

What about improper parenting?

By the time the caregiver completes homework, she takes a relatively long time to clean each room. Likewise in the second-floor room, it takes relatively the same time. Child X who was on the first floor was engrossed in playing when the nanny cleaned the house on the second floor. He played in the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, and several other rooms. The impact of the playing activities then some rooms and rooms on the floor of this one become messy, untidy and dirty, even though it has been cleaned before.

Conditions like this make caregivers feel sad, upset, and tired because they have to clean the room several times but still fall back to the mess. Several times the caregiver has given guidance, advice, and reprimand to child X, but still does not understand and understand his wrong behavior. Finally, the caregiver has a creative idea to solve the problem. He made horror stories in every room and room in the house. This horror story is different from adjusting the place and room.

The first-floor family room told the ghost story of pocong from a child who was sacrificed to be a sacrifice by his family. The family room also told the story of kuntilanak comes from a pregnant woman who was killed with the child in the womb, and several other creepy stories. On the second floor told an even more sinister story that is the ghost of the red hand. This red-handed ghost story comes from a serial murder story. The murder was carried out by torturing the victim before killing him by stabbing a knife into the heart.

These stories and stories are told to child X every day while he is at home. Every time he wants to play here and there, the nanny gives a warning to child X that in every room and room he visited there is a creepy ghost. This story continues to be repeated and conveyed to child X, because it is continuously conveyed, finally the X child believes the truth of the story so that it enters the subconscious and is conveyed in the short term of his memory.

This pattern is done so that child X does not play in a room or room that has been cleaned. Child X can be controlled by mentioning the name of the ghost that has been installed in each room. When the nanny cleaned the second floor, child X did not dare to play on the first floor. She followed her babysitter wherever she was. This way rooms and rooms on the first floor and the second floor will be quickly cleaned, laid out, and not messy again when left behind. This behavior in the house is attached to child X everywhere in the go, so that when in public places, in school, school, and other places often see ghost sightings. The most X children remember is the red-handed ghost because of his overwhelming fear of stories that have entered his short-term memory.

How to help indigo children?

From the results of diagnosis and psychological observations, we find the originator of the ability of child X who can see some ghosts or astral beings due to wrong parenting. Therefore, the wrong parenting was immediately stopped. Then make the correct parenting change, and by the needs of the family. Accompanied by experts or therapists parents and families perform the treatment to child X. After a few months of treatment is done appropriately then the ability of child X to see this ghost can be completed.

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