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The Four Types of Parenting Styles

There are many types of parenting that we can know. Even though parents used to naturally take care of their children, but now the parenting model is starting to be mapped and categorized by researchers into only a few models. In general, there are four types of parenting that are categorized according to the attitude of both parents. The first is authoritarian parenting in which everything is controlled determined by both parents. Everything a child does must be approved by his or her parents. The second is permissive parenting in which parents behave according to all their child’s wishes, requests, and desires. Whatever the child asks, parents always fulfill it and even pamper it. The third is rejection parenting where parents feel design to have children, This happens because the wife’s pregnancy and the presence of children are not desired by parents. Parents do not want to have the child for some reason so when there is a child parents tend to be ignorant and do not have attention and affection for the child. The fourth is the parenting of democracy where parents give children can choice of what is good and can be done. Parents open themselves to listen to the child’s wishes and discuss the child’s will and abilities. Of these four types of parenting, there are still two alternative parenting patterns that are effective in child and family care.

What is Alternative Parenting?

This alternative parenting pattern is only divided into two models only. The first is a type of spider parenting and the second is bee parenting. This parenting model we will describe from the model of residence, The attitude of both parents, How to take care of a child, How to meet the needs of children, And how to educate your child to live.

Imitating Bee and Spider Family as Parenting Style

This first parenting takes the name of the spider because it refers to the pattern of spider life. From the model of residence, the spider is very fond of dark places, damp, dirty, invisible, and easily damaged or fragile. The behavior of female spiders is very scary Because after the breeding season is over they will eat their studs. Second, when the cubs begin to hatch, The parent spider lets its cubs eat each other to survive. As for the next life the parent spider will trap and kill anyone who enters the trap that is also a spider house. By trapping this spider parent teaches her child to live by letting the victim die slowly then rotting and being eaten.

Turn around with the first parenting, This second parenting takes the name bees because it refers to the pattern of bee life which is also very special extraordinarily. From the model of residence, the bee chooses a place to live on evidence or sturdy trees, In a bright place, clean and very strong against earthquake. This is because bees build hives with a hexagonal shape, which according to researchers is the strongest form of building on earth. The behavior of female bees is in charge of caring for the hive and take care of their children, While male bees go out of the hive in search of food. The type of bee food is not arbitrary because male bees only choose the best food among the flowers without damaging them and even help pollinate. As for the life of the bees children only eat the best food of several types of flowers. Then produce honey that provides tremendous benefits, It is also very useful for human health. In this way, the mother bee teaches her offspring to look for food from good ingredients, In a good way, and produce the best honey that is very beneficial for all of us.

From these two alternative parenting patterns, we can take wisdom and learn how to be a good parent, Building a comfortable home, Educate children with extraordinary examples and produce extraordinary work for the pawn of mankind.

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