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How to deal with Sleep Disorders in Children and what causes it?


Open case of Sleep Disorder

Bedtime is a long-awaited time for children. After a day of activity, they will feel exhausted and want to rest. Rest can be done by pausing or doing relaxing activities or by sleeping. When sleeping children like to wait for stories or fairy tales from both parents. Nowadays, it is rare for parents to have time to tell their children. Most are immediately conditioned to go to bed by turning off the lights and turning on the Room Air Conditioner so that children feel comfortable when resting.

Under certain conditions, it turns out that not all children can sleep according to the time that has been determined by their parents. Some sleep late at night, some sleep in the afternoon, some sleep after dawn, and some sleep during online learning. As is currently what children are doing when learning online, there is a problem of children who suddenly do not answer when called by their teachers. The cause is backward, some eat, some take a drink, some are called their friend, and some fall asleep during online learning. Some problems in sleep disorders can be observed from the sleep patterns that children do in their daily lives. If the sleep pattern is erratic it could be that they are experiencing sleep disorders.

The impact of sleep disorders is very diverse, causing children lazy to move, lazy to socialize, emotions erratic, weight loss, and even learning activities to become disturbed. This is due to decreased concentration of children due to drowsiness and falling asleep during the learning process.

How can this happen to children?

In this case, we will discuss the sleep disorder caused by drugs. The habit of caregivers at home, when left by parents to work, is to clean the house. For the house to clean quickly, this nanny makes milk by adding Antimo drugs in it. So when the child is playing play here and there to make the house dirty then this nanny gives the milk so that the child immediately falls asleep. If the child is fast asleep, the nanny can clean the room and finish homework quickly.

The behavior of this nanny is known to parents when the child is five years old, so it has an impact on his sleep patterns. Every school, this child often falls asleep during lesson hours. It’s even worse until school hours. This incident lasted until the third-grade elementary school. The teacher who saw this incident then provided information to the parents. Then a team of school psychologists conducted observations of the behavior. After making observations for a month, a conclusion was produced that this child had sleep disorders due to childhood habits of taking Antimo drugs.

After the conclusion is conveyed to parents and families agree to the treatment of the child’s condition. So in the treatment of children given treatment when his sleep habits appear. If in the hours before rest start sleepy want to sleep then the child is given water to wash the face. If still sleepy then the child is immediately bathed until his sleepiness disappears. Treatment by using water for bathing is done for several months. Starting from once a week, then twice a week, three times to six times a week. This treatment is added in number until the child’s sleep habits disappear and return to normal. Treatment starts to be woven into a week five times, a week four times to a week once, and not at all. Alhamdulillah, this water treatment model can be successful with the cooperation of parents, teachers, and schools.

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