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Effective Way of Speech Therapy for Autism


The growth and development of a child are very dependent on the condition when the mother is pregnant. The condition of pregnant women is greatly influenced by the environment around them. The surrounding environment is strongly influenced by the behavior of people who live in the environment. So several factors affect the condition of the baby as it grows and develops into a healthy child.

This healthy physical and spiritual child is greatly influenced by a mother’s condition long before experiencing pregnancy. When the mother-to-be chooses a husband’s life partner to marry and have a family. The condition of the future husband is also very influential on the condition of the child who will be born later. Therefore, to get a qualified child must begin by determining the best choice to be a husband and father to the child.

Not all children are born with normal conditions. We know children with a neurological disorder known as an Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or more commonly called autism. Children with autism experience neurodevelopmental disorders from an early age. Language development and a child’s ability to communicate, interact, and behave. Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder in children that causes the ability to speak, communicate and socialize children experience problems. Until now, the cause of autism is not known with certainty.

How do parents help children with autism communicate?

There are several ways to help children with autism communicate. Parents can do family therapy, behavioral therapy, or speech. This speech therapy can be done by parents using language that is simple and easy for children to understand during communication. It can help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication. The overall goal is to help the child communicate in a more useful and functional way. Parents can do treatment and stimulation, parents can do simple oral movement exercises at home. For example, with the sensory stimulation of muscles in the mouth area one of them by massaging the outside of the cheeks and mouth or using a toothbrush to stimulate the inside of the mouth. In addition, training the movement of the oral muscles can be done by chewing gum, blowing balloons, drinking using straws, gymnastics movement of the mouth muscles, and several others to stimulate the mouth muscles.

This speech therapy is done with the help of experts. Parents must be willing to learn and practice directly with a trusted separated. As a guide to speech, parents should look at the results of psychological diagnosis and observation. From the results of the data, parents can map the condition of the child at that time. By knowing exactly the condition of this child with autism, speech therapy can be done effectively, and with maximum results. The condition of parents who are not ready to see the results of their child’s diagnosis of autism will worsen the condition of the child while doing speech therapy.

So prepare your mind, prepare your heart and focus on your child when parents do this speech therapy. Whatever the result, never despair to help and accompany our child to live well and be able to communicate with his environment. There is no best therapist in the world except for both parents who directly help the child. Without parental involvement in speech therapy can decrease the child’s spirit to continue learning and trying. This strong spirit becomes the key to speech therapy can run continuously and continuously.

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