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Distance Learning Causes Mental Hectic


It has been two more years of distance learning (PJJ) in Indonesia applied almost all over Indonesia. Distance Learning is more rigorously done in the center of the city. Such as in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and several other cities. Pandemic conditions that never end have an impact on the condition of the child’s learning environment. They are forced to learn from home as a form of prevention of the spread of the virus that still occurs. The condition of the school where children learn is quiet, uninhabited, and closed. Cheerfulness, excitement, the happiness of children when studying and playing in school is lost like being swallowed by the pandemic.

This is a tough choice that must be done by the Indonesian government education office when facing this pandemic by doing distance learning. With the condition of the Island State, it is not easy to implement this policy. Especially on the island of the furthest and remotest islands that have not been reached by the internet network. This distance learning policy relies heavily on the ability of internet networks and the stability of the process of accessing them. If this main point is not met, then remote spelling will not be able to be done.

In contrast to the conditions on the remote and outer islands, the conditions in the cities of major cities in Indonesia are very easy to get cheap, lancer and fast internet access. So that the implementation of remote spelling, in general, can run well and smoothly. At the beginning of the implementation of distance learning, children have difficulty when using a laptop or mobile device. This is because children still need adaptation in the use and use of such hardware. Over time with parental assistance, children can adjust to the hardware.

When the adaptation process has passed then a new condition arises that becomes a problem for children and parents when distance learning.

What is distance learning?

After passing a year of distance learning until now, and children entering the second year of distance learning then the condition becomes boring, saturated, and monotonous. This static condition is what triggers the occurrence of mental hectic. Mental hectic becomes a problem that is currently being experienced by children in distance learning. They feel unsettled, depressed, even confused because of schoolwork given continuously online, to make children feel heavy. Lack of time to move, run, jump, play because they have to sit for hours in front of a laptop while distance learning. The condition of having to be at home every day so that you cannot meet friends to play also adds to the severe emotional state of children. Until in certain conditions, the child will become uninspired, emotional, rebellious as an escape from the feeling of distress during online learning. This is due to the unmet basic needs of children to grow up naturally, namely the basic needs to learn and play normally.

How can parents help mentally hectic children?

Parents or families should play an active role in returning children to normal learning and play conditions. Meet the needs of children’s growth and development with healthy learning patterns and normal play patterns. Although conditions outside the home are still not normal, as parents we must have many ways to condition the needs of the child’s life by his time. As parents, we should not just be silent to see the condition of our children who live their day with a condition of experiencing mental hectic.

One way to condition normal learning patterns is to bring a private tutor home. Designing a study room at home resembles the condition of a classroom when they study in school. To help healthy play patterns we can visit our child’s closest friend or we invite his friend’s home and still maintain health protocols. For a place to explore the movements and muscles of children, we can bring children to play in places or areas of green zones that are already free from viruses. As a parent can also do sports activities with children every morning regularly to improve the fitness condition and physical health of children. In addition, consuming healthy foods and drinks is very helpful for children to grow normally and optimally. No matter how bad the conditions around us, parents are still able to do the best for their children and their families.

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