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Causes of Language Disorders in Children and How to Overcome It


Child Language Disorder

One of the differentiators between humans and animals is how to speak the language. Animals use language by making very simple sounds in communicating in their habitat. While humans are known as creatures with a high level of intelligence have very complex language ability in communication with other humans throughout the hemisphere. In the world, there are less than 6,500 languages from various ethnicities to the national language of a country, to this day human language continues to develop without any restrictions on when it ends.

At first, newborn babies are not automatically able to communicate and speak with words in full. There is a process that must be passed by human children to be able to say words, then say simple sentences, complete sentences to speak a complex language. A baby begins to communicate with a very simple crying sound, then develops the sound of crying forming focal and consonant word patterns. Then develop again into simple words until the age of two a baby grows very quickly can handle thousands of sounds. From billions of sounds then develop into language patterns recorded in a child’s memory.

How does a child have a language mess?

Language chaos experienced by a child does not occur suddenly, but through the process of learning to speak and speak incomplete. When the child begins to learn the language that he often hears from both parents, some language patterns change to use both parents or people who care for the child. Children who often listen to different language patterns make him experience confusion to understand language patterns.

For example; A family uses several languages in communicating with its children. A father uses A and a mother uses Language B, while their environment lives in C. With such conditions, a child will have difficulty in completing the language he must master first. Whether language A, language B, or C language that must be completed by the child.

How can children learn to speak properly and correctly?

Children will be able to learn to speak well if parents consistently and continuously communicate with commonly used languages in the home environment. Children will very easily absorb and quickly understand the language every second. Mother tongue is an effective language in teaching children to be able to speak with the right wording.

For example, a mother from The State of Indonesia uses Indonesian discussion, then teaches children to listen, speak, communicate by using Indonesian properly and correctly. Teach children to speak using Indonesian gradually ranging from simple language to complete language. Through the process of completing the mother tongue, a child will be able to communicate using the language properly and correctly in the environment.

If it is certain that a child has completed mastering his mother’s language, then in the next development the child will be able to learn effectively using other languages that he wants to learn. Children who have mastered the mother tongue well can speak a regional language (ethnicity) or foreign language that he wants to learn to communicate with people or friends from other regions. Not only communicate using the regional language but the language of other countries will be able to be easily learned by children who have completed using their mother’s language.

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