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Prevent Omicron Surge, China Locks City on Border with Mongolia


The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Authority, China, has implemented a lockdown in the city of Erenhot, which borders Mongolia.

The pandemic situation in Erenhot as the focal point of the latest wave of Omicron cases is very complicated, so that fast action is needed to contain the virus, Inner Mongolia Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Vice Chairman Wang Lixia told the press,

In the last six days there have been 240 positive cases of Omicron, the most in Erenhot so far.

When it was first discovered on Thursday (2/6) there were only two cases. On Tuesday (7/6) the number increased to 81 cases and Wednesday as many as 240 cases.

Erenhot residents are advised to work from home. Access to and from the city was also temporarily closed.

Residents who have to leave the city for very urgent reasons must apply for a permit to the relevant authorities, according to Erenhot authorities.

The same applies to residents of the city of Chifeng, which is also in the Inner Mongolia region.

Residents who want to leave the city are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result in the last 48 hours.

The lockdown in Inner Mongolia cities was imposed days after the lockdowns in Beijing and Shanghai were lifted.

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