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COVID-19 Lowers Global Productivity Value by 3 Trillion US Dollars


Lead Co-Chair of Global Health Security and COVID-19 Task Force T20 Indonesia Prof. Hasbullah Thabrany said the COVID-19 pandemic had harmed countries around the world because it caused a decline in the value of global productivity by 3 trillion (T) US dollars.

“Not many people realize that it is very likely that COVID has reduced about 3 trillion US dollars from the value of global productivity,” he said at the T20 Side Event with the theme “Implementing and Financing One Health”, Friday (3/6/2022) night.

Think 20 (T20) is one of the “engagement groups” in the 2022 G20 Indonesia Presidency which aims to solve various global problems through the thoughts of scientists and researchers from around the world.

Hasbullah said COVID-19 is a virus that originates from animals and attacks humans.

Meanwhile, the threat of the next disease from cows is starting to emerge, namely mouth and nail disease.

“Many diseases, which we call zoonoses, originate from animals. In Indonesia, cow’s mouth and hooves are currently a threat to public health,” he said.

He added that changes in environmental conditions such as climate change can make viruses or other dangerous disease agents derived from animal mutations and infect humans.

“Climate change may also provide conditions that make a virus or some other harmful agent mutate, change and easily jump from animals to humans or mutate in the human body and create more serious conditions,” he said.

Therefore, according to him, the concept of “One Health” needs to be realized in an effort to prevent and identify health problems that are expected to affect public health in the future.

“One Health is an important tool that we have in common to use in preventing, identifying and also being prepared for, hopefully it doesn’t happen, but it is possible that we have some health problems,” said Hasbullah Thabrany.

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